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From: Robert Grieve <sonofthejedi@...>
Subject: Re: speakup on gentoo
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 21:22:54 +1200
Greetings All

Hubbs, great work getting modules up outside the tree. 
Unfortunately this poses an additional problem for users 
of the sftsyn module. Getting everything set up has lways been a bit
rough, but now all the daemons don't go either.

As in, the old process used to be:
   Build speakup into kernel,build sftsyn module 
   add speech-dispatcher, speechd-up to default runlevel

This would then pull in festival, espeak, and whatever to get
speech-dispatcher up and going, make the dev nodes and whatever,
and then you could use it.This is the way it is on
gentoo-sources-2.6.20-r10, which I have been using.

I am unclear how to make a parallel to all these steps in the new setup.

The speakup is now only a module
The synth is still a module. This module is built as speakup_soft
Both these can be modprobed to get the dev nodes.

I'm unsure how to make this permanant because of the new usage around
boot-up modules. There is a lot around this in the migration guide to
OpenRC, from the old baselayout-2, but now I'm not sure where to put the
modules I need, obviously speakup, speakup_soft are the ones but where
do I need to put these?

Also of course the fact that speechd-up expects speakup to not be built
as a module means that the 'support' of sftsyn appears to be something
which once compiled cannot be started. I'm sorry to sound negative here
but, this is a  brilliant system, am I missing something here.

Many thanks

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Re: speakup on gentoo
-- William Hubbs
speakup on gentoo
-- William Hubbs
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