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To: "'gentoo-accessibility@g.o'" <gentoo-accessibility@g.o>
From: Whitley CTR Cecil H <WhitleyCH.ctr@...>
Subject: YAVP
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 08:43:56 -0400
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<P><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">Hi,</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">Anyone who hangs out at any of the should recognize the subject line.&nbsp; I've gotten 2004.2 up and running with flite/speech-dispatcher/speechd-up and of course speakup!&nbsp; Now just before networking comes up my computer starts talking with software speech.&nbsp; I will post my experience here so that others may follow with less pain.&nbsp; I do not cover installing alsa, but I do mention it and include a couple critical reminders.</FONT></P>

<P><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">emerge flite (or the software synth of your choice, ymmv)</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">emerge speech-dispatcher</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">mkdir /etc/portage (if it doesn't exist)</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">echo &quot;app-accessibility/speechd-up ~x86&quot; &gt; /etc/portage/package.keywords</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">(that unmasks speechd-up, optionally package.unmask may work now if the keyword has been removed)</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">*important* make sure your kernel was compiled with softsynth available to speakup as a loadable module)</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">mknod /dev/softsynth c 10 26 </FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">(defaults for speakup as it is currently)</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">Now, a brief explaination before I go into the next steps.&nbsp; flite and speech-dispatcher need to be started, speakup needs to be set to use the sftsyn synthesizer and finally speechd_up needs to be started.&nbsp; To make it simple to start flite, I &quot;borrowed&quot; the speech-dispatcher script in /etc/init.d.&nbsp; Edit it and basically replace speech-dispatcher (and various flavors thereof) with flite (or possibly the synth of your choice).&nbsp; I named this modified script fli.&nbsp; The name is important because scripts in init.d are started in alphabetical order, with an exception.&nbsp; I can post my fli script here, if anyone is interested.&nbsp; Now, back to procedures.&nbsp; I should also include a note on alsa here.&nbsp; In short, you will need to have alsa (or oss?) configured.&nbsp; Use amixer to set your channels volume and to unmute **important** them.&nbsp; Then save your mixer settings using /usr/sbin/alsactl save.&nbsp; </FONT></P>

<P><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">rc-update add alsasound boot</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">(Loads back mixer settings, etc, starts sound, sorta)</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">rc-update add speech-dispatcher boot</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">(runs speech dispatcher during boot phase)</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">rc-update add fli boot</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">(ditto for fli, see above note)</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">rc-update add speechd-up default</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">(puts speechd-up in the &quot;default&quot; scripts)</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">As a last step you need to create an entry in your boot loader configuration to pass speakup_synth=sftsyn so that speakup will use the software synthesizer.&nbsp; Good luck!</FONT></P>

<P><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">Regards,</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">Cecil Whitley</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">P.s. John, is there any problem with the fli script above?&nbsp; It works for me but admittedly hasn't been stressed tested (fli stop, fli restart haven't been tried).&nbsp; I don't have the actual script here, but I can mail it to you from home later.</FONT></P>

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