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To: <gentoo-alpha@g.o>
From: "Stanislav Boscik" <stanislav.boscik@...>
Subject: RE: java on alpha?
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 10:14:07 +0100
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<DIV dir=ltr align=left><SPAN class=064261009-14112006><FONT face=Arial 
<DIV dir=ltr align=left><SPAN class=064261009-14112006><FONT face=Arial 
size=2>Java have not&nbsp;been released under GPL yet - SUN just promissed to 
release it in March 2007. Some parts of the code are licensed under proprietary 
3rd party licenses and cannot be released under GPL therefore. We can 
expect&nbsp;that&nbsp;some development will be needed in order to have 
functional Java release under GPL.</FONT></SPAN></DIV>
<DIV dir=ltr align=left><SPAN class=064261009-14112006><FONT face=Arial 
size=2>Now we can only hope!</FONT></SPAN></DIV>
<DIV><SPAN class=064261009-14112006></SPAN><FONT face=Arial><FONT 
<DIV><FONT face=Arial><FONT size=2><SPAN 
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<FONT face=Tahoma size=2><B>From:</B> Davide Cittaro 
[mailto:davide.cittaro@...] <BR><B>Sent:</B> Tuesday, November 
14, 2006 9:29 AM<BR><B>To:</B> gentoo-alpha@g.o<BR><B>Subject:</B> 
[gentoo-alpha] java on alpha?<BR></FONT><BR></DIV>
<DIV></DIV>Hi there, since Java has been released now with a open license, do 
you think it will be possible to have a recent (and decent) java VM on our 
gentoo alphas?
<DIV><BR class=khtml-block-placeholder></DIV>
<DIV><SPAN class=Apple-style-span 
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<DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">/*</DIV>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">Davide Cittaro</DIV>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">HPC and Bioinformatics Systems @ Informatics Core</DIV>
<DIV style="MIN-HEIGHT: 14px; MARGIN: 0px; FONT: 12px Helvetica"><BR></DIV>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">IFOM - Istituto FIRC di Oncologia Molecolare</DIV>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">via adamello, 16</DIV>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">20139 Milano</DIV>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">Italy</DIV>
<DIV style="MIN-HEIGHT: 14px; MARGIN: 0px; FONT: 12px Helvetica"><BR></DIV>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">tel.: +39(02)574303355</DIV>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">e-mail:<SPAN class=Apple-converted-space> </SPAN><A 
href="mailto:davide.cittaro@..."><FONT class=Apple-style-span 
color=#0011ed><SPAN class=Apple-style-span 
style="COLOR: rgb(0,17,237); khtml-text-decorations-in-effect: underline">davide.cittaro@...</SPAN></FONT></A></DIV>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">*/</DIV><BR 
Re: java on alpha?
-- Davide Cittaro
java on alpha?
-- Davide Cittaro
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