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From: Jean-S├ębastien Guay <jean_seb@...>
Subject: Re: compressed kernel file format?
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 00:02:27 -0400
Hi Jeff,

>J-S, can you give me a pointer to the MILO you are
>using for your XLT? I've had mine for so long, I don't
>know where I got it from anymore.
I can send it to you privately if you want. It'll be following this 
mail. I don't really remember by heart which version I use... So it's 
easier to send it to you. :-)

>Could it be that the MILO I have was built with some
>version of libz incompatible with current kernels
I doubt it... One thing to check : I have found that MILO does some name 
mangling when there are more than one period in the filename. For 
example, even though the initrd's filename on the 2005.0 Gentoo LiveCD 
is gentoo_2.4.igz, I have to type 'initrd=gentoo_2_4.igz' in my boot 
command. Maybe something similar is happening to you? At the MILO 
prompt, try doing an 'ls' on your boot partition / directory to see what 
MILO sees the filenames as.

Other than that, I don't have any other ideas... Generally, if you use 
the filename as seen in an 'ls' from the MILO prompt, the kernel should 
start to load, and after that it all depends on the build options and 
other parameters in the boot command. With my MILO image, anyways, I can 
boot my latest kernels without any problems.

Good luck,


Jean-S├ębastien Guay   jean_seb@...

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Re: compressed kernel file format?
-- Jeff Donsbach
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