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From: Francois Bissey <francois.bissey@...>
Subject: Re: Questions on making ebuilds on OS X
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2011 06:38:08 +1300
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<TITLE>Re: [gentoo-alt] Questions on making ebuilds on OS X</TITLE>
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<P><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; On 21-01-2011 22:01:17 +1300, Fran├žois Bissey wrote:<BR>
&gt; &gt; I have been toying with a Gentoo prefix on OS X (10.5) for the<BR>
&gt; &gt; last month.<BR>
&gt; &gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt; I spent most of my time getting things in shape to have sage from<BR>
&gt; &gt; the sage-on-gentoo overlay build on OS X.<BR>
&gt; &gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt; I have something that runs now and I'd like to clean up my work<BR>
&gt; &gt; and put some of it in good shape for submission.<BR>
&gt; &gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt; I was working on x86-macos with 10.5 and a friend of mine was<BR>
&gt; &gt; testing on x64-macos with 10.6 (he also have a ppc-macos, presumably<BR>
&gt; &gt; 10.4 on which he plans to test the stuff).<BR>
&gt; &gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt; 1) I have one ebuild in which I need to set<BR>
&gt; &gt; How do I identify the various flavours of OS X, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, to set<BR>
&gt; &gt; it right?<BR>
&gt; I'd like to trace down why your package needs this to be set.&nbsp; The<BR>
&gt; Prefix profiles for OSX already set MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET explicitly<BR>
&gt; to the right version.&nbsp; Check make.defaults and profile.bashrc.<BR>
I didn't know this at the time I wrote my message. It is indeed set just fine<BR>
by the system.<BR>
&gt; &gt; 2) framework: I noticed that we build the python framework. Do we<BR>
&gt; &gt; preferably build framework? Or the reverse? I have worked on dev-lang/R<BR>
&gt; &gt; and I didn't build it as a framework and ended up with a bunch of .so<BR>
&gt; &gt; which should have been &quot;.bundle&quot; I believe.<BR>
&gt; We build the framework *next* to the normal UNIX way, just because of<BR>
&gt; graphical application support for Python.&nbsp; Due to how OSX works, a<BR>
&gt; graphical application that uses CoreGraphics (or something) needs to<BR>
&gt; call those methods from a Bundle environment, which a Framework is.<BR>
&gt; It is preferred not to build in frameworks in Gentoo Prefix from my<BR>
&gt; point of view where possible.&nbsp; Note that Python is built in both ways,<BR>
&gt; such that you only need to worry about the Framework when you do a<BR>
&gt; graphical app (which in general only looks for the Framework, so that<BR>
&gt; works out nicely).<BR>
&gt; The .so vs .bundle is an a problem sometimes solved using elibtoolize,<BR>
&gt; but in R's case probably by patching the buildsystem.<BR>
Ok, I tried to build the framework for R but the install routine to install<BR>
the framework is just awful.<BR>

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Questions on making ebuilds on OS X
-- Fran├žois Bissey
Re: Questions on making ebuilds on OS X
-- Fabian Groffen
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