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From: heroxbd@...
Subject: Re: Re: please don't use html
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 02:23:30 +0900
Hello Perry,

Please do not argue off-topics on the entire list.

Enabling HTML without Content-Type: multipart/alternative is

Isn't it possible to set your MUA to send plain text as default?


Perry Smith <pedzsan@...> writes:

> I can try.  I need to hit shift-command-T before I sent the message
> but there is nothing nagging me to do that.
> I must ask that isn't it time to change?  I use to be on your side 12
> years ago but HTML in email has been with us for 15+ years now.  It
> just isn't that hard to either take the text only part of it or
> sanitize the html.  15 years is a very long time to procrastinate
> doing something that would help lots of people.
> The other choice which would help me is just reject the email.  Then
> it comes back to me, I can covert the message, and send it a 2nd time.
> Its a small hassle but something that a few lists use to do.
> Within the past five years, I find fewer and fewer lists that have
> this restriction.  I can't recall a list that has this restriction
> except the gentoo list at this point.  It is a somewhat negative
> "sales" characteristic for gentoo to make this restriction.

XU Benda
Research Center for Neutrino Science
Tohoku University

Re: please don't use html
-- Perry Smith
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