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From: Michal Žeravík <michalz@...>
Subject: Re: Video cards
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 17:23:01 +0100
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only problem i can see in nvidia-driver is power management  - suspend
doesn't work.<br>
Zac wrote:
 type="cite">I had a nvidia 6600GT that worked flawlessly.  I didn't
Blender , but I was able to play Doom3 as well as multiple windows
games through Cedega with frame rates comperable to windows (Doom3
actually ran smoother).  I had gotten it last December and a bad
power supply of mine took it out.  I have fallen back to my old
ATI Radeon9800pro and now have to boot back to windows to play my
games.  I think you can get the 6600 online for around $150 these
  <div><span class="gmail_quote">On 12/13/05, <b
 class="gmail_sendername">Taka John Brunkhorst</b> &lt;<a
 href="mailto:antiwmac@...">antiwmac@...</a>&gt; wrote:</span>
  <blockquote class="gmail_quote"
 style="border-left: 1px solid rgb(204, 204, 204); margin: 0pt 0pt 0pt 0.8ex; padding-left: 1ex;">nvidia
is working good for me (fx 5200)<br>
Int'l Anti-Microsoft Assn. Japan/S'pore Dept.<br>
fsck /dev/urandom;<br>
Taka John Brunkhorst<br>
    <a href="mailto:antiwmac@...">antiwmac@...</a><br>
    <a href="mailto:gentoo-amd64@g.o">gentoo-amd64@g.o</a>
mailing list<br>
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