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To: gentoo-amd64@g.o
From: Bob Sanders <rsanders@...>
Subject: Re: 64-bit or 32-bit?
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 07:24:14 -0700
> Hello fellow list members,
> The main issues seem to be 
> with firefox 32-bit plugins, and win32 codecs for use with mplayer. My 
> reading seems to suggest that if I stick to firefox-bin and mplayer32, 
> then I should be fine. However, I'd like to hear from people who're 
> already using gentoo on amd64, and what their experience is. Is it 
> simple to get these apps to work? 

You could go with the bins.  However, being lazy, I just switch to Opera
when I need to deal with Flash.  Realplayer...well, realplayer alwaays
found some way to break more than work for me.

Also, downloading the WinXX file and playing with Xine or GMplayer using
the win32codecs works in a lot of cases.  Not all.

> Fedora Core almost allows that, 
> except that I'm a bit fed up of the multiple repository problems, and no 
> proper way of picking and choosing what exactly I want. I could 
> recompile some of the packages from SRPMS, and specify my choices. But I 
> reckoned that if recompiling was the way to go, then I'd give gentoo a try.

Don't count on SRPMS actually producing a working package on your system.
They compile great in the dedicated build environment, most times.  But
on the average system, something will go wrong.  A clean chroot environment
and a complete set of packages will be needed - essentially, a duplicate
of the typical build environment. 

> One of the choices I'm facing is whether to install gentoo 64-bit, or 
> 32-bit. Installing 32-bit on the AMD64 would make life easy, but kind of 
> defeats the purpose of having a 64-bit processor. Hence my request for 
> opinions. Should I go 64-bit, or stay in the 32-bit world for now?

Just go with 64bit.  Sure you'll have some problems.  Most issues with
32-bit games remain.  Multimedia works well - haven't played with Realplayer
in awhile, but most quicktime seems to work, as does firewire and usb audio.
DVDs and SVCDs all play, firewire deck control and video capture work.
Ogg work fine.  No problems with audio - Alsa works.  OpenAL works
for Ut2004.

gentoo-amd64@g.o mailing list

64-bit or 32-bit?
-- Anand Buddhdev
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