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From: Vitaly Kushneriuk <vitaly_kushneriuk@...>
Subject: Re: AW: Portage 1.8.5 released
Date: 14 Jan 2002 11:54:26 +0200
On Mon, 2002-01-14 at 09:47, Sebastian Werner wrote:
> Yes
> Really cool could be function which updates the system automatically in
> background... as cronjob or something similar.
> But for this we need a function which reports errors through sendmail or
> a mailserver to the admin of this system. It could be cool to update
> these packages with nearly non priority to get a allways up-to-date
> system.
> Only an idea
Good idea. I was thinking about that too.
It would require some PGP signing of the ebuilds or it will
enable, for example, an easy "DNS spoof"-like attack on 
Gentoo based servers.
Also I think not only errors should be sent to admin, but every 
update activity that is automated.

And, btw, logs for _every_ build stored in /var/tmp would be nice.
I remember Daniel said that one can always  use "script". It's true
if you know you'll need the log in advance. It can not help
if build failed and you want to see what did it do at ./configure step.
And running script before every ebuild is a task I'd like to
leave to portage to do(well, in fact, "script" will not be the best
sollution in this case, I guess some redirections when running
etc. will do).
> And yes, it the greatest Linux ever used!
Sure :-)


AW: Portage 1.8.5 released
-- Sebastian Werner
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