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To: gentoo-announce@g.o
From: Joshua Hansen <culthero@...>
Subject: Re: Portage 1.8.5 released
Date: 13 Jan 2002 23:28:31 -0800
*tingles* Yessssss!

Will it also do clean up of the old packages after the update? I
remember the previous --update not doing that before and I had to do
manual cleanup.

If I haven't said it before... this is the coolest distro of Linux I
have ever touched. Proved by the fact that it's my only Linux desktop
that's lasted for more than a week.


On Sun, 2002-01-13 at 23:50, Daniel Robbins wrote:
> (If you *just* received this message, these changes will be appearing on
> anoncvs/rsync in ~5 mins... I need to sleep :)
> Hi all,
> Portage 1.8.5 has been released and contains a number of important
> feature enhancements.  First, this new version of Portage completes the
> merge process (the process of copying files to your live filesystem)
> about twice as quickly as previous versions.
> The other new feature that most people will be interested is the new
> "update" and "--world update" functionality:
> Type "emerge update" to upgrade all core system components on your
> system.  Most up-to-date Gentoo Linux users know about this feature
> already, since it's been around since 1.8.1, however...
> *NEW* -- Type "emerge --world update" to *fully* upgrade all components
> on your system -- all core components as well as upgrades to all your
> installed packages.  This is the "full system upgrade" functionality
> that everyone's been waiting for!
> Both features support the "--pretend" option.
> In addition, Portage 1.8.5 features path sandboxing functionality, which
> in effect "locks down" ebuilds so they can't do any direct modifications
> to your real filesystem except in certain critical sections.  Any
> sandbox violations will cause an ebuild to abort.
> Portage 1.8.5 also features Geert Bevin's new fine-grained MAINTAINER
> variable.  To enable sandboxing, add this to /etc/make.conf:
> MAINTAINER="sandbox"
> You can also enable the sandbox on a temporary basis as follows:
> # MAINTAINER="sandbox" emerge foo/bar
> Unless you want to use the sandbox, most users will not want MAINTAINER
> to be defined.  However, for developers, the new MAINTAINER features are
> invaluable.  Here's a reasonable default setting for all people with cvs
> read/write access:
> MAINTAINER="digest cvs sandbox"
> Here are the MAINTAINER flags now supported:
> sandbox: enables path sandboxing
> digest: automatically create digests for new ebuilds
> cvs: automatically commit new digests to cvs
> noclean: turn off automatic cleaning of dirs in /var/tmp/portage
> noauto: don't execute prior ebuild steps automatically
> Thanks to everyone who contributed to this Portage release!
> Best Regards,
> -- 
> Daniel Robbins                                  <drobbins@g.o>
> Chief Architect/President              
> Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
> _______________________________________________
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Re: Portage 1.8.5 released
-- Daniel Robbins
AW: Portage 1.8.5 released
-- Sebastian Werner
Portage 1.8.5 released
-- Daniel Robbins
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