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To: gentoo-commits@g.o
From: "Stefan Briesenick (sbriesen)" <sbriesen@g.o>
Subject: gentoo-x86 commit in net-misc/iaxmodem: metadata.xml Manifest iaxmodem-1.1.1.ebuild ChangeLog
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 23:53:38 +0000
sbriesen    08/10/14 23:53:38

  Added:                metadata.xml Manifest iaxmodem-1.1.1.ebuild
  initial commit, solving bug# 169151.
  (Portage version: 2.2_rc12/cvs/Linux 2.6.26-gentoo-r1 i686)

Revision  Changes    Path
1.1                  net-misc/iaxmodem/metadata.xml

file :

Index: metadata.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
		<name>Stefan Briesenick</name>
	<longdescription lang="en">
		IAXmodem is a software modem written in C that uses an IAX channel
		(commonly provided by an Asterisk PBX system) instead of a traditional
		phone line and uses a DSP library instead of DSP hardware chipsets.
		<flag name='logrotate'>
			Install support files for app-admin/logrotate

1.1                  net-misc/iaxmodem/Manifest

file :

Index: Manifest
AUX iaxmodem.cfg 2684 RMD160 60fad3bcb08b73b5e9f68d4f94408b13a59ddaef SHA1 b8c8c683e9e634ab370e2aff63fcdd1d5d9c6836 SHA256 cb3cab672319a8cd63e9d87f032bcb7493e26be25c87caeef7ce863cb80021fc
AUX iaxmodem.confd 140 RMD160 54d7a61f11f9735071415a4173c1211f016076fe SHA1 13a46ce3b052693be0b0003bc8c13b910543657e SHA256 15fb51ad1dbca1731b90070eb78c024a4fa8a20060cc363ee4a55ac01fe32297
AUX iaxmodem.initd 1174 RMD160 5e9811372070ce60b66302baf45b52db6bc962eb SHA1 770e5d52ef476c355387e1930289e26671626e58 SHA256 95a4bcd9806f4ce4c1ae9eb62a3ae8bfc063482940b5a648de205e579d9e728f
AUX iaxmodem.logrotated 164 RMD160 06b09cdba4d5991e4b66d9d1f487ec802d2e1ab9 SHA1 0cbe4236778290add05d414927f5a106cd579731 SHA256 515f89aeaf50c30633c04329b084e56d8ee33454de318beb77f52f66d08a7273
DIST iaxmodem-1.1.1.tar.gz 2321262 RMD160 f126b4e67d06a4def476c1efa18b6c4caa59b4ca SHA1 8deb5523f3008cf3fae8f14822292ffbe433574e SHA256 145883e9616134f839c316b2a633a6d57d29d634d29b047d13a8dd1a724be9b6
EBUILD iaxmodem-1.1.1.ebuild 2751 RMD160 8aa0e22d12101ddc214d23dc0fac84ccfc5e0aba SHA1 5e9cfa98796ba5034b371cd6727dde4e26303ac3 SHA256 0b0b20e7a63d0ff499a0410bd891ffe8ffa856c5da70e65ffc8665cda7d42a52
MISC ChangeLog 382 RMD160 71b30bd3b0cd3fe9b4ca099d09709da16c9b4c3d SHA1 2cfdb611b123c389695c73b50994ad2a85a48873 SHA256 281dc3ea2569a5a3cd1aea07f06ec1e6e5c5c0b47489bcab28838d76249d193b
MISC metadata.xml 624 RMD160 44689da1f2120a1b7ed28fc89d44d40875f0c103 SHA1 2eec7cd6c7a25235708c02d77ed43a7e04873de8 SHA256 256be32995890314c0efdabbe84b77f1bd4627b125859666125270f7eb09d044

1.1                  net-misc/iaxmodem/iaxmodem-1.1.1.ebuild

file :

Index: iaxmodem-1.1.1.ebuild
# Copyright 1999-2008 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/net-misc/iaxmodem/iaxmodem-1.1.1.ebuild,v 1.1 2008/10/14 23:53:38 sbriesen Exp $

inherit eutils toolchain-funcs multilib

DESCRIPTION="Software modem that uses an IAX channel instead of a traditional phone line"

KEYWORDS="~x86 ~amd64"


	logrotate? ( app-admin/logrotate )"


src_unpack() {
	unpack ${A}
	cd "${S}"

	# fix header file position
	sed -i -e 's:iax/iax-client\.h:iax-client.h:g' iaxmodem.c

	# fix broken line terminators
	sed -i -e 's:\r::g' -e 's:--s$:--:g' -e 's:$:\r:g' iaxmodem.inf

	# fix installation of libiax2 headers (though we don't need them)
	sed -i -e 's: \(\$(includedir)/\): $(DESTDIR)\1:g' lib/libiax2/src/

	# patch configure (we compile libs for ourself)
	sed -i -e 's:^\(cd\|./configure\):# \1:g' configure
	sed -i -e 's:build-libiax build-libspandsp ::g'

src_compile() {
	cd "${S}/lib/libiax2"
	econf \
		--libdir=/usr/$(get_libdir)/iaxmodem \
		--datadir=/usr/share/iaxmodem/libiax2 || die "econf libiax2 failed"
	emake || die "emake libiax2 failed"

	cd "${S}/lib/spandsp"
	econf \
		--libdir=/usr/$(get_libdir)/iaxmodem \
		--datadir=/usr/share/iaxmodem || die "econf spandsp failed"
	emake || die "emake spandsp failed"

	cd "${S}"
	./configure || die "configure iaxmodem failed"
	emake OBJS="iaxmodem.o" CC=$(tc-getCC) \
		LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} -Wl,-rpath,/usr/$(get_libdir)/iaxmodem \
			-Llib/spandsp/src/.libs -Llib/libiax2/src/.libs -lm -lutil -ltiff -lspandsp -liax" \
	|| die "emake iaxmodem failed"

src_install() {
	cd "${S}/lib/libiax2"
	make DESTDIR="${D}" install || die "install libiax2 failed"

	cd "${S}/lib/spandsp"
	make DESTDIR="${D}" install || die "install spandsp failed"

	cd "${S}"
	dosbin iaxmodem || die "install failed"

	# remove libiax and spandsp headers, we don't need them
	rm -rf "${D}usr/include" "${D}usr/bin/iax-config"

	# install init-script + conf
	newinitd "${FILESDIR}/iaxmodem.initd" iaxmodem
	newconfd "${FILESDIR}/iaxmodem.confd" iaxmodem

	# install docs
	doman iaxmodem.1
	newdoc CHANGES ChangeLog
	newdoc lib/libiax2/ChangeLog ChangeLog.libiax2
	newdoc lib/spandsp/ChangeLog ChangeLog.spandsp

	# install sample configs
	insinto /etc/iaxmodem
	newins "${FILESDIR}/iaxmodem.cfg" default
	insinto /usr/share/iaxmodem
	doins config.ttyIAX iaxmodem-cfg.ttyIAX iaxmodem.inf

	# install logrotate rule
	if use logrotate; then
		insinto /etc/logrotate.d
		newins "${FILESDIR}/iaxmodem.logrotated" iaxmodem

	# create log dir
	keepdir /var/log/iaxmodem

1.1                  net-misc/iaxmodem/ChangeLog

file :

Index: ChangeLog
# ChangeLog for net-misc/iaxmodem
# Copyright 1999-2008 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/net-misc/iaxmodem/ChangeLog,v 1.1 2008/10/14 23:53:38 sbriesen Exp $

*iaxmodem-1.1.1 (14 Oct 2008)

  14 Oct 2008; Stefan Briesenick <sbriesen@g.o> +files/iaxmodem.cfg,
  +files/iaxmodem.confd, +files/iaxmodem.initd, +files/iaxmodem.logrotated,
  +metadata.xml, +iaxmodem-1.1.1.ebuild:
  initial commit, solving bug# 169151.

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