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To: gentoo-council@g.o
From: Thomas Anderson <gentoofan23@g.o>
Subject: Initial Council summary for meeting on 04/22
Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 11:05:07 -0400

    Sorry this is so late, RL ate my time for the past week or so. But
    finals are over, so I'm good now. Enjoy your latest edition of the
    bi-weekly gentoo newsletter(j/k :) ).


Thomas Anderson
Gentoo Developer
Areas of responsibility:
AMD64, Secretary to the Gentoo Council
Roll Call:
Betelgeuse: here
Cardoe: absent
dberkholz: here
dertobi123: here
dev-zero: here
leio: here
lu_zero: here 
tanderson(secretary): here


Technical Issues:

    - Portage changing behaviour without EAPI bumps:
        David Leverton(dleverton) requested that the council mandate that portage
        is not allowed to change behaviour that is specified in PMS, as has
        occurred a few times in the past.

            The council decided that if PMS-conflicting changes occur in
            package managers then the council can mandate that versions that
            conflict will be masked, excepting extenuating circumstances.

    - EAPI 3:
        EAPI 3's features have been finalized and its final approval is
        pending portage support for the most important features. Some features
        may be removed if they cannot be accomplished in a reasonable
        timeframe and are holding up the introduction of the critical

        - New utility functions: 'Doexample'/'Doexample'
            Some council members believed that adding these utility functions
            would complicate things for new ebuild authors while not providing
            any especially needed features.

                Voted to not be included in EAPI 3.

        - Ban || ( use? ( ... ) ... )
            Mart Raudsepp(leio) argued that banning such constructs is
            strictly a QA issue and shouldn't be covered by PMS, while others
            argued that there are no valid use cases for the construct and
            that you need appropriate rules to parse RDEPEND/DEPEND.

                It was decided that a repoman warning would be most
                appropriate for this case and that the topic of banning it in
                an EAPI can be revisited for EAPI 4.

        - Ban 'dohard'
            Currently dohard cannot be guaranteed to work across filesystems
            and few packages use it.

                Voted to be banned in EAPI 3.

        - New econf options,
            The addition of '--enable-fast-install' was opposed because it is
            already a libtool default and as such is useless. No arguments
            were made against '--disable-dependency-tracking'.

                '--disable-dependency-tracking' was voted in, while
                '--enable-fast-install' was voted out.

        - Add --if-compressed option to unpack().
                Voted to be not included in EAPI 3.

        - Slot Operator Dependencies(:= and :*)
                 Voted to be included in EAPI 3. Mart Raudsepp has remaining
                 queries about the final syntax.

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