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To: gentoo-desktop-research@g.o
From: James William Dumay <i386@...>
Subject: Gentoo Desktop - Proposal
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 02:25:50 +0000
Yeah, I sat down and thought about it some more. Heres what I have come
up with. I welcome flames, comments and changes to the document.
Gentoo Desktop

The purpose of the "Gentoo Desktop" to to provide a different and Customized version of the vanilla desktop environment. The desktop will be a modification of not only applications and Desktop Environment, but small changes in the Gentoo core, to raise the level of usability and improve ease of use.

Target Audience
 "Hobbyist" users coming from other distributions, such as RedHat, Mandrake, SuSE, etc.
Small to Medium Enterprise Desktop Roll outs
Educational Institutions (Universities, Collages, Secondary and Grade Schools) 

Desktop Environments - Why GNOME?
Over the last few years a few significant changes have been made about the leading desktop environments.
Some of these changes that are relevant:
 - GNOME 2.0 Released
- Redhat Linux 8.0 - (the first fully integrated Linux Desktop release featuring a universal look for programs of different widgeting sets and complete GUI configuration tools.)
 - Ximian Desktop 2.0
 - Sun JDS
 - Ximian Mono Project
 - Novell's acquisition of both Ximian and SuSE Linux
 - Novell's plans to use Ximian Desktop as the proffered desktop on SuSE Linux instead of KDE
 - GNOME 2.5 - the fully HIG compliant GNOME Desktop.

These changes are important because:
 - GNOME Desktop Environment has become the dominant Desktop Environment (Big money backing, etc)
 - The rise of new technology and standards (Mono & GNOME's HIG)
 - Mono's specific support in GNOME and the GTK+ widget set.
These changes make GNOME a better choice for the Gentoo Desktop Environment.

End Product
The end product will be a Gentoo Desktop Livecd and Documentation for installation and configuration of the system. User would boot into a preconfigured and polished GNOME Environment.

Customisation rundown
A quick rundown on the type of customisation for for future discussion.
Base System
 - Some kind of "Kernel Profile" with additional device modules using Genkernel or similar tool.
 - Hardware detection and configuration scripts and services.
 - Tools for rolling out system and desktop configuation settings.

GNOME Desktop
 - Use of Gentoo's configtools project
 - Branding and Desktop "look"
 - URI Handling
 - Prefered Application Handling and Mimeinfo settings
 - Custom Gconf Schemas
 - USE of dbus and other emerging technologies
 - CUPS Printing
 - Menus
 - Fonts
 - New Document Templates

 - Appropriate applications installed for different USE flags
 - for example, USE="im" installs virtual/instantmessenger
 - Applications modified for specific usability features and/or tasks

Portage Related
 - New Profile (gentoo-desktop-arch-2004.0) for each architecture supported.
 - New profile for each architecture offically suported
 - New virtuals and respective USE flags for Applcations and system services.

Gentoo Desktop - The First Step

Milestone 1
 - Report on the Applcation and Services needed on Desktop System
 - System Services - Hardware Detection Services, File/Print Sharing, Printing, etc
 - Applcations - Office Productivity Tools, Internet Tools, Gaming, etc
 - Decide on the appropriate virtuals and USE flags needed for user customization of the desktop.
 - Create gentoo-desktop-x86-2004.0 profile based on the decisions made.
 - Build system with new profile and report on system usability from an end users perspective, noting specific issues to be discuss and delt with in Milestone 2.

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