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From: Florian Philipp <lists@...>
Subject: Re: KDE4.5.4 kate terminus
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 15:42:03 +0100
Am 20.02.2011 12:17, schrieb Alfs Kurmis:
> Hi gentoo experts !
> 3-4 weeks ago i have installed gentoo -- KDE4.5.4 -- kate -- terminus font.
> In KATE i have choosed terminus font.
> At first sight everything looks normal.
> Chars  à ä also looks normal.
> I mean that  à and ä  looks exact as normal a , but just with .. and \
> above.
> But chars ā ī ū ē ō  looks completly different as normal chars a i u e o ,
> are bigger , wider , and are not  "sharp" .
> They are ~1.5 times wider , so that after any of em , rest of line
> shift right for 1/2 position .
> Can somebody in KATE choose terminus, and copy-paste ā ī ū ē ō chars ?
> How it looks out ?

I can verify this behavior here. I guess the terminus font package does
not contain the necessary glyphs and therefore another font is used as a
substitute (looks like monospace).

Interestingly, when I download the TrueType version from this site [1]
and test it in KDE's font viewer, the letters look correct. I guess you
could install that version manually. In this case, please file a bug on Maybe that version can be merged into the
terminus ebuild.


Hope this helps,
Florian Philipp

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Re: KDE4.5.4 kate terminus
-- kallipygos
KDE4.5.4 kate terminus
-- Alfs Kurmis
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