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To: gentoo-council@g.o
From: Donnie Berkholz <dberkholz@g.o>
Subject: Council meeting summary for 13 December 2007
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 15:07:28 -0800
Hi all,

Here is the summary from today's council meeting. The complete log will
show up at shortly.

Roll call

amne         here
betelgeuse   here
dberkholz    here
flameeyes    here
lu_zero      here
vapier       here
jokey        here


New USE documentation
	Considering the precedent set by how this was implemented,
		what should we do?

	- Should we leave it or revert it?
	- Should we require a GLEP?
		- Other options
			- Discuss improvements on -dev, make changes, document them.
				In other words, normal development process
			- Leave as is
			- Require future global changes to be sent to -dev in advance,
				or they will be reverted.

Code of Conduct enforcement

	- Should we make a decision today?
	- If so, what decision?
	- If not, what needs to happen for us to make a decision?


New USE documentation

1. We're leaving it, and considering further changes
2. It should have been posted to -dev before committing for discussion

General process for global changes:
	1.  Post to -dev for discussion
	2a. Consensus for implementing your idea as-is. No GLEP, no council. BREAK.
	2b. Consensus for a GLEP for your idea, maybe disagreement over the idea.
	    Write GLEP. Discuss on -dev. Submit GLEP to council.
	2c. Disagreement, but some support. No consensus for a GLEP. Respond to the
	    council agenda mail with a post containing a summary of your idea as
	    well as patches for code and documentation.
	2d. No support. Refine your idea, or think of a new one. GOTO 1.
	3.  Council votes on the idea.

Any future global changes that aren't discussed on -dev in advance may 
be reverted by the council if at least two council members vote to revert 
the changes. Those changes must be discussed on -dev and approved by the 
council before recommitting. If they're recommitted without council 
approval, the developer in question gets kicked out.

Code of Conduct enforcement

Christy Fullam (musikc) made some valuable suggestions:

	- The proposal should be restricted to only apply to #gentoo-dev and the
		gentoo-dev list. Most other locations already have moderators of some
		sort, and the council can work with them directly if there are CoC
		problems. This idea went over really well.
	- Moderation should be capped at 2 days, and then will be handed off to
		devrel/userrel. No council approval involved.

Mike Doty (kingtaco) suggested that we look for a way to prevent the 
snowball effect on IRC: what if a modded person is voiced/opped by an 
unmodded person, and a chain of this goes?

Donnie Berkholz (dberkholz) will incorporate these changes into the 
proposal and post an update to the -council list.

Open floor

Wulf Krueger (philantrop) asked which PMS repo was authoritative. The 
external one had been getting changes, and the "official" one 
had not. Mike Doty reported that they're working on allowing non-Gentoo 
developers to contribute to the repository, which should resolve the 
technical problems. Wulf responded that some people didn't want to 
commit to a Gentoo-hosted repository.
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