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To: gentoo-dev-lang@g.o
From: George Shapovalov <george@g.o>
Subject: Re: The D language
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 13:24:09 +0200
Wednesday, 13. June 2007, Alexandre Bique Ви написали:
>   What do you think of adding a dev-d category to portage ?
> If you don't know the D programing language, you should take
> a look at it's very exciting ;-)
Well, I do know about D, but what I would like to know about is how many 
D-related packages are we talking about here? Is there some list somwhere, 
best of all in a bug? That really is the basis for the decision. Last time 
when I looked for D reated submissions (triggered by that gdc bug) I only 
could see two and even then those were for the compilers themselves (gdc and 
dmd) and these will go under dev-lang. Another category only makes sense if 
there are enough D libs or other D-specific packages ready for inclusion or 
already scattered around the tree.

Actually, on second read I feel a bit confused. Are you talking about 
including the D compiler itself by chance? In that case you are too late - it 
is already in ;). Check the use flags of later gcc versions and try to look 
for dmd as well. That last one might not be in yet (not sure completely, D 
was finally taken over by somebody, so I stopped paying much attention) but n 
any case you might find the ebuild in bugzilla, just search for dmd.


We also have this mailing list?? Amaizing, I did not realize that :). Even 
though I don't remember signing up for it, but that may be because I am on 
lang-misc herd. In any case, I suspect there are not that many peple on this 
list, so, in general, you might get better luck on gentoo-dev. It gets too 
little attention lately (what I mean is, it severely lacks development 
contents, may be this is the reason there are so many falmes on it :)).
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Re: The D language
-- Luis Francisco Araujo
Re: The D language
-- Alexandre Bique
The D language
-- Alexandre Bique
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