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From: "Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto" <jmbsvicetto@g.o>
Subject: Re: Council manifesto for jmbsvicetto
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 02:24:49 +0000
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Hi Sebastian.

On 29-06-2010 20:06, Sebastian Pipping wrote:
> Hello Jorge,
> I stumbled upon this in the section on community related beliefs of
> yours:
> "[T]he Gentoo community is made of its members and they are what
> they are. We have a mostly technical adult male community,
> including a few people with rough or challenging social skills."
> How do you want Gentoo and the council act upon that?

My belief is that everyone in the community, including the council,
needs to acknowledge this is the community we have and learn to live
and operate within it.
Anyone wanting to lead our community has to work with it and any
changes need to be steered from the inside and with the community
support as it simply isn't possible to set this community aside and
"grow" a new one from thin air and or "magically" turn it into what
one would want it to be.

> What do you think should be our goal and our way to reach it?

Our goal should be to bolster an open and inviting community.
That means that while we shouldn't tolerate abuses, we must also know
our community and promote tolerance, respect and understanding between
its members. A better knowledge of our community and its members
should help increase its understanding and may lead to the creation or
strengthening of bonds which will make it a more thriving and pleasant
environment thus helping become it more open and inviting.
It's my belief that we're already in the road to achieve this goal,
even though we need to persist and have a long way to go still, that
we must have all community members internalize the need for respect
and understanding, that we must all make an effort to engage others
and help change behaviour and that in the end, when all else fails,
we'll have to deal with any issues and or persons that prevent or
steer us away from that goal.

> Thanks,
> Sebastian

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Council manifesto for jmbsvicetto
-- Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto
Re: Council manifesto for jmbsvicetto
-- Sebastian Pipping
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