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From: Andreas Schweitzer <andy@...>
Subject: Re: rc4 impressions
Date: Tue Jan 23 23:47:01 2001
On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 06:51:54AM +0100, Achim Gottinger wrote:
> Andreas Schweitzer wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I was so bold and downloaded 1.0_rc4_pre2.
> > I know, rc4 is somehow not released ... but it's on the
> > ibiblio site :-)
> > Well, I only grabed the sys.tbz2 file and installed it on 2 partitions
> > according to the Installation manual.
> >
> > 2 bugs so far :
> > - The included man is linked against a newer version
> >   of the stdc++ library than is included. I think it's
> >   glibc2.1 vs. glibc2.2 mismatch.
> > - there is a mismatch in /etc/profile and /etc/env.d
> >   /etc/profile wants something in /etc, not /etc.d
> >   (sorry, I forgot the name of the file ;-).
> Hmm, I think you must run "env-update" first. This is new in rc4 and I
> don't think it made it to the doc's
> right now.

Ahhh ... now, /etc/profile.env is there ! :-)

> env-update generates a files called /etc/profile.d from all the files in
> /etc/env.d and it autogenerates /etc/
> man did not work because libstdc++ is in /usr/lib/gcc-lib/........./lib
> and that path is added to /etc/ by
> env-update.
> Hope I'm right. :-)

I don't know ... :-) The first thing I did was a ebuild of
glibc.2.2.1 and afterwards 'man' worked.

I *think* I issued ldconf by hand before to make man work,
but could not swear on that.
And /etc/ did not get updated by env-update,
however, the /usr/lib/gcc-lib/.... entry is in it.
/etc/ did get updated, though.

> >
> > What about including rsync and wget in the sys.tbz2 file.
> > Then, one could start with portage rigth away !
> Yes we normaly did it that way and these utils will be in the rc4 sys.tbz2

Great - the next thing I did, was ebiuld OpenSSH (plus dependencies),
and now I'm logged in from my freshly installed Gentoo box to another
machine to write this mail ;-)


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Re: rc4 impressions
-- Achim Gottinger
rc4 impressions
-- Andreas Schweitzer
Re: rc4 impressions
-- Achim Gottinger
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