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To: gentoo-dev@g.o
From: Sebastian Pipping <sping@g.o>
Subject: Re: Council manifesto of sping
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 02:45:08 +0200

On 06/22/10 07:13, Arun Raghavan wrote:
> On reading again, you do have suggestions on how you would deal with
> most of what you've spoken. The only one that I think could use more
> details (other than all the references to "tone" which I think we
> should let rest for a while) is "Opening up documentation" - do you
> have any ideas for this process that might help with this while
> maintaining the quality the docs team has maintained thus far?

One way could be allowing everyone to commit to the main documentation
and ensure there's enough review going on.  A sunrise like a approach
with two stages "pre-review" and "reviewed" (i.e. those files served
publically) could work well with two Git branches.

> As a follow up question, for documentation, PR, the website redesign,
> and templates, do you feel that these are tasks that need to be
> addressed by council members? Is there anything preventing you from
> taking the ball and running with it if you don't get elected into the
> council?

Yes, not all of them are exclusive to the council.

> And another one for "More direct democracy":
> a) How would you decide what questions go up for public vote and which
> ones stay with the council?

Good question!  I think a few voices from developers (say three)
requesting a vote should force a global vote.  If the council were
deciding on that, the concept would be useless.  At least that's my
current understanding.

> b) For questions like "- Should Python 3.x be stable?", isn't that for
> team leads to decide? And for the council to resolve in case of
> conflicts?

It's too important to leave it to the Python team alone in my eyes.
Previous threads have shown that consensus is hard to find on Python 3.x
related topics.  A direct vote from all developers would reveal what the
majority really wants for that topic.

> c) For questions like "- Should developer X be banned?", would you be
> willing to do this if it meant a lot of washing of dirty linen in
> public, or protracted flamewars (and other reasons why we have a bunch
> of level-headed people in place to deal with this calmly and quietly)?
> If no, where would you draw the line? If yes, how would you deal with
> the fallout?

I'm not understanding all of that, honestly.
On a part I understood: Solving isues on that front may be worth extra
"noise" as the goal is to noticably improve atmosphere after.
Please help me to understand the rest of your question.



Re: Council manifesto of sping
-- Arun Raghavan
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