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From: Ciaran McCreesh <ciaran.mccreesh@...>
Subject: Re: Are tags just sets?
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 07:19:11 +0100
On Mon, 27 Jun 2011 16:23:54 -0400
Rich Freeman <rich0@g.o> wrote:
> Sets should really be something carefully controlled by the
> repository.  While I'm fine with having tags in the repository also,
> there is talk about giving users ways of supplying them as well.

Why? You can have carefully controlled sets for fancy things. But tag
sets don't need to be carefully controlled.

The way you give users control over tags using sets is to make sets in
overlays be merged with sets with the same name in the main tree, and
then allow users who feel like it to publish an overlay containing
their tags.

> Here is how I see tags being used:
> 1.  I want a WYSIWYG html editor.
> 2.  I search for tags like "editor" and "html" and "WYSIWYG" and maybe
> even "text."
> 3.  I check out descriptions and homepages or whatever for a few
> likely candidates, and install one or maybe two.

$package_mangler search-tags editor html wysywig

> What I doubt I'd ever do is just install any package that has anything
> to do with text/html editing.

Not really a problem. Sets are usable for lots of things, not just
installing. They're useful in configuration files, for example -- you'd
probably never want to install every X driver either, but you might
want to set some options for every X driver.

Ciaran McCreesh
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Are tags just sets?
-- Ciaran McCreesh
Re: Are tags just sets?
-- Maciej Mrozowski
Re: Are tags just sets?
-- Rich Freeman
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