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From: 320095285153-0001@... (Achim Gottinger)
Subject: Re: odds and ends
Date: Wed Jan 24 17:01:01 2001
drobbins@g.o wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 25, 2001 at 12:10:38AM +0100, Achim Gottinger wrote:
> > Hmm, maybe we should introduce a new USE flag to trigger build of packages with only
> > the really neccesary stuff.
> I think an easier way would be to create a "sys-strip" script which would do things like:
> rm -rf /usr/doc
> rm -rf /usr/info,
> etc.

Hmm, I would use this flag for things like

build glibc without support for all locales, building ncurses without c++ extension and
without static libs, remove
unneccesary binaries from util-linux...
But this is a post 1.0 idea and it could be combined with linking agains dietlibc or
possibly a shared dietlibc.

> I don't think many people will need this functionality, and I'd rather not
> complicate our existing ebuilds just to allow the creation of a 100Mb Gentoo
> Linux system.  I just bought a 45Gb IBM hard drive for about $130 about a month
> ago... and there are plenty of used 2-6Gb drives that people are willing to
> give away these days.

True but linux helps us protecting our enviroment by reducing the amount of pc-scrap. :-)
My 486SX/25 system is still fast enogh for my DSL internet connection and running qmail.
(squid was terribly slow :-) )

> I think reducing the footprint of Gentoo Linux *may* become a priority if we
> can link some things to a minimal libc, reducing the executable footprint and
> allowing more code to reside in the CPU cache.  This is a performance issue
> rather than a pure storage issue, however.  I'd be supportive of a special USE
> variable to enable a tiny libc. :)

Take a look at this


> Best Regards,
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odds and ends
-- drobbins
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Re: odds and ends
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