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To: gentoo-dev@g.o
From: hasufell <hasufell@g.o>
Subject: Re: -Werror unwanted?
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 19:03:52 +0200
On 05/14/2012 06:13 PM, Alexandre Rostovtsev wrote:
> On Mon, 2012-05-14 at 17:44 +0200, hasufell wrote:
>> However, I don't see references to ebuild policy (in devmanual or
>> howtos) how to handle Werror.
>> Is there a common opinion on that. And shouldn't we add that to the
>> documentation then?
> -Werror is unwanted in anything that links to glib, gtk+, or other gnome
> libraries. This is because gnome upstream developers have been adding
> compiler warnings for usage of deprecated API which, despite being
> deprecated, will in all likelihood remain supported for years; -Werror
> turns those warnings into fatal build errors, and tracking down all
> instances of deprecated API use twice a year (after a new version of
> gnome is released) increases maintenance burden for little benefit.
> -Alexandre.

So, I will file a documentation bug unless someone can point me in the
right direction. I didn't find a reference to that issue.

Re: -Werror unwanted?
-- Markos Chandras
-Werror unwanted?
-- hasufell
Re: -Werror unwanted?
-- Alexandre Rostovtsev
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Re: -Werror unwanted?
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Re: -Werror unwanted?
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