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To: gentoo-dev@g.o
From: Michał Górny <mgorny@g.o>
Subject: Please migrate to git-2.eclass
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 23:35:33 +0200

git-2.eclass is in the tree for a while now, and there's still awful
lot of packages using old & deprecated git.eclass.

Why migrate?
- git-2 supports fallback SRC_URIs -- you can set it to prefer git://
  but fallback to http:// if git is unreachable (e.g. due to firewall),
- git-2 is cleaner and has a better design (no more src_prepare()!),
- git-2 handles submodules better,
- git.eclass is no longer supported and will go away.

I'm attaching a list of packages still using git.eclass, grouped by
herds and maintainers.

Additional resources:
- list of packages using git.eclass [1],
- devmanual entry for git-2.eclass [2],
- an example ebuild for a git.overlays.g.o package [3],
- an example ebuild for a github package [4].


Best regards,
Michał Górny

accessibility: app-accessibility/espeakup app-accessibility/speakup
alsa: media-sound/alsa-headers
base-system: sys-devel/automake sys-apps/util-linux net-misc/iputils sys-devel/autoconf sys-devel/libtool sys-devel/gnuconfig net-nds/portmap app-arch/xz-utils
cluster: net-misc/clusterssh
desktop-wm: x11-misc/obconf x11-wm/fluxbox x11-wm/openbox
dev-embedded: dev-embedded/openocd dev-embedded/libftdi
embedded: sys-fs/mtd-utils sys-devel/crossdev
freedesktop: app-misc/tracker
gnome: net-nntp/pan
gstreamer: media-video/snappy
kde: net-im/kmess media-libs/phonon-xine
kernel-misc: sys-devel/sparse sys-apps/kexec-tools
livecd: dev-util/catalyst app-misc/livecd-tools
lxde: x11-misc/pcmanfm x11-libs/libfm x11-wm/openbox
mobile-phone: app-mobilephone/gnokii app-mobilephone/dfu-util
net-fs: net-nds/rpcbind net-nds/portmap
net-im: net-im/psi
net-irc: net-irc/rbot
net-mail: mail-mta/qpsmtpd
net-news: net-nntp/pan
net-p2p: net-p2p/deluge
php: dev-php5/libvirt-php
postgresql: dev-db/phppgadmin
prefix: x11-libs/ige-mac-integration dev-libs/gnulib
python: dev-python/pyopencl
qemu: app-emulation/qemu-kvm
qt: app-misc/pysmssend
samba: dev-db/ctdb
sci-biology: sci-biology/bioruby sci-biology/bioperl sci-biology/bioperl-network sci-biology/bioperl-db sci-biology/bioperl-run
sci-chemistry: sci-chemistry/p3d
toolchain: sys-devel/sparse sys-devel/crossdev
tools-portage: app-portage/gentoolkit app-portage/layman app-portage/gentoolkit-dev
video: media-libs/libbluray media-plugins/npapi-vlc media-video/vlc
vim: app-vim/exheres-syntax
virtualization: app-emulation/virt-manager app-emulation/libvirt app-emulation/virtinst
vserver: sys-cluster/vzctl
web-apps: dev-db/phppgadmin www-apps/cgit
wine: app-emulation/wine
xbox: media-tv/xbmc
xen: app-emulation/xen-pvgrub


a3li@g.o: net-irc/rbot
aballier@g.o: media-video/vlc
ahf@...: app-vim/exheres-syntax
alsa-bugs@g.o: media-sound/alsa-headers
beandog@g.o: media-libs/libbluray
brian.dolbec@...: app-portage/layman
c1pher@g.o: sys-apps/util-linux
cardoe@g.o: app-emulation/libvirt
catalyst@g.o: dev-util/catalyst
dev-zero@g.o: app-emulation/qemu-kvm-spice dev-php5/libvirt-php
fauli@g.o: app-doc/pms app-portage/tatt
flameeyes@g.o: dev-util/dwarves
genkernel@g.o: sys-kernel/genkernel
gentoo@...: app-text/llpp
hanno@g.o: media-gfx/gimp
hwoarang@g.o: sys-kernel/zen-sources x11-misc/pcmanfm x11-libs/libfm x11-wm/openbox app-misc/pysmssend net-im/emesene x11-misc/obconf dev-lang/jimtcl dev-embedded/openocd net-im/kmess net-misc/freerdp
idl0r@g.o: app-portage/layman
jlec@g.o: dev-vcs/gitstats sci-chemistry/p3d
jokey@g.o: mail-mta/qpsmtpd
lack@g.o: x11-wm/fluxbox
lavajoe@g.o: sys-fs/btrfs-progs
maintainer-needed@g.o: app-laptop/lenovo-sl-laptop dev-python/remoteobjects dev-util/ghh media-sound/alsa-driver
maksbotan@g.o: sys-power/acpi_call
mduft@g.o: sys-libs/suacomp
media-video@g.o: media-plugins/npapi-vlc
net-p2p@g.o: net-p2p/deluge
neurogeek@g.o: app-portage/metagen
nikoli@...: net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp www-misc/fcgiwrap net-im/psi www-apps/cgit
nirbheek@g.o: media-video/snappy
pva@g.o: net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp www-misc/fcgiwrap net-im/psi www-apps/cgit sys-cluster/vzctl
pythonhead@g.o: app-portage/metagen
ramereth@g.o: www-apps/cgit
robbat2@g.o: sys-fs/mtd-utils
sping@g.o: app-portage/metagen app-portage/layman-dbtools media-gfx/drqueue dev-vcs/svn2git
spock@g.o: dev-python/pycuda dev-python/pyopencl dev-python/pytools
tanderson@g.o: app-doc/pms app-vim/exheres-syntax
tomka@g.o: app-portage/tatt
tommy@g.o: net-p2p/freenet net-mail/Freemail
ulm@g.o: app-doc/pms
vapier@g.o: app-text/nfoview sys-devel/crossdev
weaver@g.o: sci-biology/bioperl-network sci-biology/bioperl-db
williamh@g.o: app-accessibility/espeakup www-client/pybugz app-accessibility/speakup
wired@g.o: www-client/luakit sys-kernel/zen-sources media-sound/pms www-client/uzbl
xmw@g.o: www-client/jumanji app-text/mupdf x11-wm/cwm
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Re: Please migrate to git-2.eclass
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Re: Please migrate to git-2.eclass
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Re: Please migrate to git-2.eclass
-- Michał Górny
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