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To: gentoo-devhelp@g.o
From: Thomas Sachau <tommy@g.o>
Subject: Re: dodoc vs directories
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 14:40:31 +0100
James Cloos schrieb:
> It seems that dodoc recently has lost recusivity in portage master.

Unless you found something special with EAPI-4, then there is nothing
lost. dodoc never had the ability to work on directories in EAPI<4.
There was just a bug in portage, which did not let dodoc die, when it
was called on a directory. This now should, according to the mentioned
bug 356389, show a QA warning and at some later point die as it should
have done from the beginning.

> Several ebuilds (including in the main tree) now fail because of that.

Please give me some common example for such a failure.

> Bug implies that the goal
> is only to qawarn, not error, when passed a directory.  And dodoc itself
> seems to work that way.

So if dodoc does just qawarn, how should ebuilds now fail with dodoc
called on directories?

> But doins does not (cf:
>   :; grep -C3 '$x is a directory' /usr/lib/portage/bin/ebuild-helpers/doins
> for the details).

doins was never ment to work on directories, unless you used the -r switch.

> Is this a bug in portage or should I submit bugs, blocking 356389, for
> each failure?

I currently cannot really see your problem, maybe you mixed some facts
about dodoc and doins? Otherwise, please clarify this.


Thomas Sachau
Gentoo Linux Developer

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Re: dodoc vs directories
-- James Cloos
dodoc vs directories
-- James Cloos
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Updated Jun 03, 2012

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