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To: gentoo-devrel@g.o
From: Tim Yamin <plasmaroo@g.o>
Subject: 20050528 Meeting Log
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 18:24:53 +0100

Share and enjoy! <TM>

16:34 <@seemant> gey recruiters, anyone remember getting anything from Kevin Quinn?
16:35 <@seemant> a quiz, specifically
16:36 <@slarti> seemant: I've got ebuild-quiz.txt
16:37 <@seemant> slarti: ok great
16:37 <@seemant> slarti: are you handling him, btw?
16:37 <@slarti> news to me if I am :P
16:38 <@seemant> slarti: would you?
16:38 <@seemant> slarti: love to have him on board pretty soon (he's an asm type guy and really really knowledgable)
16:38 <@seemant> well needed, basicaly
16:38 <@seemant> even if I can't spell
16:38 <@slarti> seemant: k, can I make a deal about this? if he gets his end-quiz in before monday, I'll set him up asap
16:39 <@slarti> otherwise I don't have time
16:39 <@seemant> ok sure
16:39 <@slarti> cool.
16:39 <@seemant> so the quiz he sent wasn't his end-quiz, then
16:39 <@seemant> I thought otherwise, sorry about that
16:40 :::: npmccallum!~npmccallu@... has joined #gentoo-devrel
16:40 <@slarti> no, I've only got ebuild-quiz
16:40 <@seemant> k
16:41 < npmccallum> Can someone please look at ?
16:43 <@seemant> slarti: how is his initial quiz? any issues?
16:43 <@slarti> seemant: lemme check
16:44 <@dmwaters> npmccallum: please be patient
16:44 <@dmwaters> npmccallum: we are backlogged
16:44 <@dmwaters> npmccallum: someone will get to you, just be patient.
16:44 <@seemant> dmwaters: yeah, but the bug was closed -- I at least reopened it since we have his quiz stuffs now
16:44 <@dmwaters> seemant: k
16:45 <@seemant> (from what I understand)
16:45 < npmccallum> dmwaters: I'm not upset, I just haven't heard anything
16:45 < npmccallum> dmwaters: don't worry, no devrel flames from me :)
16:45 <@dmwaters> npmccallum: i believ e i noted on your bug somewhere that someone would pick  you up when we can
16:46 < npmccallum> dmwaters: nope, only one post
16:46 < npmccallum> dmwaters: saying that I have to take the quizes
17:01 <@dmwaters> ok, gonna reboot my workstation one more time before we do this meeting thing and hope I don't break it:)
17:07 <@plasmaroo> npmccallum: Yeah, there's a backlog... and hopefully Deedra will be back Real Soon Now <TM> so we can have this meeting and do something about it :)
17:10 <@slarti> seemant: his quiz is fine
17:11 <@slarti> seemant: pretty obvious he knows his stuff.
17:12 <@plasmaroo> slarti: Could you do JeffW if I get the end-quiz fu sorted before Monday too?
17:13 <@slarti> plasmaroo: end-quiz fu?
17:13 <@plasmaroo> slarti: For his new dev bug...
17:13 <@plasmaroo> slarti: Which you're uh, tagged to :)
17:13 <@slarti> oh, you're his mentor, I remember
17:13 <@plasmaroo> :p
17:13 **** slarti rolls his eyes
17:13 <@slarti> sorry, I'm all over the place at the moment
17:13 <@plasmaroo> Heh :)
17:14 <@dmwaters> k, that didn't go well
17:14 <@plasmaroo> slarti: Yeah, just wondering if I should get it to you before Monday to make things easier.
17:14 <@dmwaters> ok
17:14 <@dmwaters> anyway
17:14 <@dmwaters> plasmaroo: you want to do logging for this thing?
17:14 <@plasmaroo> dmwaters: Sure thing honey.
17:14 <@dmwaters> haha
17:14 <@dmwaters> ok
17:15 <@dmwaters> well, let's get this meeting going so i can go take a sledgehammer to ldap.
17:15 <@dmwaters> since knowone braught anything else up, the only topic for discussion is recruiting stuff.
17:16 <@dmwaters> unless there are objections, I'm going to freeze recruiting for a min of 2 weeks, a max of a month to deal with open new dev bugs, and to find a few more recruiters
17:18 <@dmwaters> comments, objections, recommendations?:p
17:18 <@slarti> seems good
17:18 <@slarti> also, do we need more recruiters?
17:18 <@plasmaroo> Maybe, Obz is kinda ... gone.
17:19 <@slarti> well, he's coming back, but there's still seems to be a bigger flow of new bugs than there used to be
17:19 <@plasmaroo> Yeah, that too.
17:19 <@slarti> we've got 50% unassigned
17:20 <@slarti> I'm not sure freezing recruiting every month or two when the backlog becomes too big is optimal
17:20 <@plasmaroo> Yeah, but it's the best thing until we can get more people.
17:20 <@dmwaters> slarti: i haven't frozen it since december
17:21 <@plasmaroo> That too.
17:21 <@slarti> dmwaters: okay, never mind, I'm smoking crack :)
17:21 <@slarti> weeks feel like days at the moment
17:21 <@plasmaroo> How about we just get things going on a sequential basis - i.e. if a recruiter has time, they take the lowest unallocated bug rather than some random one...
17:22 <@slarti> plasmaroo: that's how it works at the moment, unless there are special circumstances
17:22 <@plasmaroo> slarti: Ah, okay.
17:22 <@slarti> e.g., seemant ;)
17:22 <@dmwaters> plasmaroo: that's what i've been doing, but we're still backlogged. at this rate we won't get to npmccallum  or anyone new for 2 months
17:22 <@plasmaroo> dmwaters: Hrm, guess we need more people.
17:23 <@dmwaters> plasmaroo: yeah.
17:24 <@slarti> ka0ttic and ferdy are two people who come to mind, they're very thorough when mentoring new devs
17:24 <@dmwaters> slarti is busy with other things, obz has exams, sejo is doing almost all of it, and well, that leaves  us with 1 active recruiter basically.
17:24 <@plasmaroo> Yeah, I could help out I guess - but not right now.
17:24 <@seemant> haha
17:24 <@slarti> plasmaroo: exams too?
17:24 <@plasmaroo> slarti: Kinda.
17:24 <@dmwaters> plasmaroo: no, you might be good, but not you, you're already doing 500000000 other things
17:25 <@plasmaroo> dmwaters: Hahaha, true.
17:25 <@slarti> school just has to rip all the fun out of summer.
17:25 <@plasmaroo> slarti: Mainly latter :P
17:25 <@dmwaters> ferdy is too new
17:25 <@slarti> mmkay
17:25 <@slarti> how about ka0ttic?
17:27 <@dmwaters> how long has he been a dev anyone know?
17:27 **** plasmaroo checks.
17:27 <@slarti> about the same time as me, iirc
17:27 <@plasmaroo> Sounds about right.
17:28 <@slarti> 10 September 2004
17:28 **** dmwaters nods
17:28 <@dmwaters> anyone else?
17:28 <@dmwaters> for suggestions
17:28 <@plasmaroo> Hrm, nay.
17:28 <@slarti> hmm, kloeri is very friendly but I haven't seen him around much lately.
17:28 <@plasmaroo> And he's got lots of -releng work coming up.
17:28 <@slarti> dsd maybe, but I feel he's already pretty taken up with kernel stuff and userrel
17:29 <@plasmaroo> And planet.g.o
17:29 <@slarti> userrel = at the moment ;)
17:29 <@plasmaroo> Heh, cool.
17:29 <@dmwaters> dsd would be good, but you're right
17:32 <@slarti> hmm, no other names really come to mind, although Ticho is a possibility
17:34 <@dmwaters> hmm
17:34 :::: eradicator!~Jeremy@... has quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
17:34 <@dmwaters> how long has he been a dev?
17:34 <@slarti> 571 messages since the first one, 8.97 months ago
17:35 <@slarti> according to CIA.
17:38 <@plasmaroo> Okay, anything else?
17:38 <@slarti> I think that's everything?
17:39 <@plasmaroo> Yeah.
17:40 <@dmwaters> there's got to be more then 2 people we can use for  recruiters though, heh
17:40 **** dmwaters sighs
17:40 <@plasmaroo> Heh.
17:41 <@dmwaters> seemant: any suggestions?
17:41 <@slarti> well, we need people who are active, have free time, and have been a developer for about a year... those people are tricky to find :P
17:41 <@plasmaroo> Yeah :)
17:42 <@dmwaters> it doesn't have to year, but does need to be at least 6 months
17:42 <@plasmaroo> I think it needs to be "good mentoring experience"
17:42 <@slarti> okay, I kinda guessed that figure
17:43 <@plasmaroo> We don't want to hire people that have um, no clue about good mentoring.
17:44 <@slarti> well, I can't think of many
17:44 <@slarti> but, two new recruiters is going to improve things a hell of a lot, especially when obz comes back
17:45 <@dmwaters> things would improve if our recruiters were more active, to:)
17:45 <@slarti> heh
17:45 <@slarti> also true
17:46 <@slarti> dmwaters: want me to get in touch with ticho and ka0ttic? I know them quite well from net-mail and eclectic/gentoo-syntax/shell-tools/vim respectively
17:46 <@dmwaters> slarti: no
17:46 <@dmwaters> i'll talk to them
17:46 <@slarti> dmwaters: okay, sure
17:46 <@dmwaters> slarti: you need to take care of your new devs, heh
17:47 <@slarti> heh
17:47 <@dmwaters> rebooting again;p
17:48 <@plasmaroo> Ok, we finished?
17:54 <@dmwaters> yeah
17:54 <@plasmaroo> Ok.
17:54 <@plasmaroo> Will send logs soon.
18:10 <@seemant> dmwaters: like slarti said, we need more

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