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To: gentoo-doc@g.o
From: Josh <jackdark@...>
Subject: Closing old docs bugs
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 10:12:46 -0800
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Hey, gents. Attached is a list I compiled of old docs bugs that should, IMHO, be
closed. Nearly all of them are at least a year old; some are two or three years
old! For the bugs that needed it, I provided a quick reason why it should be
closed. Thoughts? I reviewed the bugs carefully. You'll note that not all the
RESO LATER bugs were selected; there are some that should be kept as LATER. See
this bugzilla search page for the complete list:

I'd probably close a few of them myself, but I don't have that access *quite*
yet. :)

Thanks for checking them out,

Josh (aka nightmorph)
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24406: [ro] project is still writing romanian docs
26903: no need for cfdisk mentions in handbooks, as we'd need screenshot
examples (good luck getting those on the livecd docs!)
35502: pptp is supported
40933: proposed changes have been invalid for quite some time now
42825: no need; that's just how the current website works. the new design
allegedly fixes any overflowed <pre></pre> elements
44750: unless Swift is indeed still hacking the XSLT and/or really likes this
44807: same story as bug #40933 (see above). severely deprecated.
46387: more out of date LDAP-ness. apparently, this was out of date even
before the LDAP doc went unofficially (then officially today) out of date
40561, 50521, 50524, 50525: really outdated? chinese translations by a now
retired dev
53512: devfs deprecation has been steadily, succesfully dealt with for a long
time now in the handbooks
54182: dutch handbooks have been removed now afaict (though i see there is the
2005.1 hb)--maybe they're okay?
56207: no need for cfdisk mentions, as then we'd have to have screenshot
examples in the guide. (dup of #26903; see above)
60064: the chapter links provided don't even exist anymore. i assume the ARM
handbook (if there is one) is kept elsewhere now
77549: unless the Sparc folks want it, this guide has timed out a year ago,
80152: baselayout has changed many times since this bug
81535: this has since been fixed. (irc, i think i helped with that one :))
82429: we now use different LiveCDs. and fixes for these kinds of problems are
widely available on the forums
82827: sadly, it seems that we still don't have dutch docdevs. since teh
guides have already been removed, this bug can be closed
84302: unless there is a hebrew translation project, this guy is independent
84535: dup of #81535. since fixed.
91374: this doc has since been removed, as it's not up-to-date
102840: unless i'm mistaken, the latest baselayout versions handle
dependencies much better; things seem to be working properly
104978: unless there are actually plans to change baselayout in this regard,
no need to even track this anymore. gentoo is known for not fully complying
with the FHS anyhow; the baselayout/whoever devs even state that they adhere
to the FHS "except when it's stupid"--a reasonable viewpoint :). nothing
prevents users from altering fstab to their liking, anyhow
112425: vanquirius stabled the specified version a long time ago; this can be
Re: Closing old docs bugs
-- Marcelo Góes
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