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From: wireless <wireless@...>
Subject: Handbook & autobuilds
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 11:45:56 -0400

I was wondering if their is preliminary documentation on
the new (autobuilds) version of the handbook. Looking here:

I see i486 tar files. This is EXCELLENT and will be the
basis of the old machine based install docs.

I have several systems to install from 586 firewalls
to a P4's. I'm willing to "vet" the current draft
of the handbook, or just make my own edit and send
it to whoever would like the input.

Also, I've built up several firewalls using old 586
systems and compact flash drives. I'm willing to
document this too and let the 'powers' figure out
where the doc should go.  The firewalls will
have a single 4 gb CF drive.

I'm also going to build up a DNS server, that
has both a 4gb CF drive, for the main OS and
an old (non-critical) ide drive to mount
/tmp and other write-verbose files, so as to extend
the life of the CF drive, by moving the most
not critical, write-centric, files to the
ide HD.

I believe these endeavors will be very useful
to the greater Gentoo community, and all are welcome
to make suggestions. If these documents are not desired
on the official gentoo docs, then just let me know
and I'll find a home for them elsewhere.....

Comments and suggestions are most welcome.
Particular, using either an old knoppix
Cd or a system rescue cd or usb-stick
as the boot medium of the 'install-x86-minimal..iso
if that will work with these old 586 based systems.


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Updated Jun 17, 2009

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