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From: Jan Kundrát <jkt@g.o>
Subject: Re: 2007.0 mojo
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 12:23:09 +0100
Josh Saddler wrote:
> Anyway, that's my plan -- I've a few lists of TODOs for stuff,
> especially for the networkless docs, that will be fairly intensive. Now,
> from the translators point of view, what do you and don't you want to
> see me do to the docs in draft/?

I'd start with copying current 2006.1 stuff into draft (be sure to
include CVS revision in the commit message as we don't use better SCM
that would keep track of that), then applying any changes that are
required without any revbumps *and* without mixing content and
formatting changes. Each commit should either touch the real content
(and nothing else) or just change formatting, fix typos etc. It's a real
PITA to go through a diff for a paragraph just to see someone fixed
spelling in one word or (even worse) just re-wrapped text.

As an alternative, point me to a working diff implementation that
ignores XML formatting and just shows the real changes :).

<insert usual warning about yoswink's knife here />


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Re: 2007.0 mojo
-- Marco Mascherpa
2007.0 mojo
-- Josh Saddler
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