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To: gentoo-doc@g.o
From: Jan Kundrát <jkt@g.o>
Subject: Re: [RFC] Marking unmaintained documents
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 23:10:59 +0200
Alexey Chumakov wrote:
> After some extensive work with mostly outdated Russian docs, I tend to
> agree with Jan--we need some means to signal an outdated translation.
> My proposition is somewhat simpler --
> 1. Let the reader decide if the document is outdated :-)
> We'll need to link the derived document to source one, and add a
> displayed message:
> "Source document is available at [link]
> [optional version - fetched from source doc if possible
> [optional date]"
> Attr might look like this:
> <guide link="/doc/ru/sample.xml" lang="ru" source-link="/doc/en/sample.xml">
> Or, maybe it'll be possible to fetch dependency info from metadoc...

Well, I asked about something similar (maybe completely different - I
don't know XSLT much) - use <uri link="metadoc:file-id"> and
automatically select translated file if available. I was told that it is
not easy and (iirc) can't be done ATM. Would be great, though :-).

> 2. It's also useful to introduce some link like "send comments here..."
> directly into document, and point it to GDP [internalization] page in
> the document's language.
> E.g. many Russian readers do not realize easily where to post their bug
> reports and suggestions...

IMHO useless, but I'm not typical Russian reader :-)

> 3. For unofficial languages, IMHO there is no need to do anything if
> there's no index reference to it.

Well, but what if previously supported language transformes into
unsupported one? There will be some links from non-official websites
pointing to the outdated translations...

> And 3rd party articles are already marked :-)

IIRC, articles themselves are *not* marked, only the index is.


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[RFC] Marking unmaintained documents
-- Jan Kundrát
Re: [RFC] Marking unmaintained documents
-- Xavier Neys
Re: [RFC] Marking unmaintained documents
-- Alexey Chumakov
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