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To: gentoo-embedded@g.o
From: elmar bucher <elmbeech@...>
Subject: gentoo installation on openmoko freerunner
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 11:05:45 +0300
Dear gentoo-embedded list members,

I  try to get gentoo installed on the openmoko freerunner phone,
following the instruction at .
(Last post on this prj page is about a year ago, but I still hoped to
get it running.)

I manged to:
+ fdisk the microSD card
+ format the root partition
+ format the swap partition
+ download the latest stage3 tarball and extract it on the root partition
+ download the latest portage tree and extract i to the root partition
+ set zoneinfo
+ set host name
+ uncomment  unnecessary terminal in /ect/fstab
+ set locale-gen in inittab
+ chroot to the system
+ update environment (source /etc/profile && env-update)
+ set root passwd
+ enable sshd on startup (rc-update add sshd default)
+ set up usb networking (
+ remove consolefont from boot runlevel

But now, by trying to installing layman (to choose a profile) I run
into troubles:
If I try to emerge layman on the chrooted environment the phone can
not get an working internet connection.
Am I supposed to have a working internet connection?
I tried ping from the chrooted environment:
 ping: unknown host

At the moment the phone have the latest version of shr installed.
I can start wi-fi over "Iliwi" in shr. according to the message on the
screen get wifi CONNECTED.
how ever, if i try to ping from the non chrooted environment I get this:
  ping: bad address ''

The latest I tried: I plugged the microSD card into my desktop, where
I tied to chroot to the environment. Without success. (Which somehow
makes sense to me, since the kernel on the microSD card is not packed
for the desktop hardware. But I am not sure if I am right.)

So this two question remains:
Do I need internet access on the phone (over wifi or the simcard) to
be able to finish the gentoo installation?
How can I install layman, that i can choose a profiles for openmoko?

I'm grateful for any hints.
So long, Elmar

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Re: gentoo installation on openmoko freerunner
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Re: gentoo installation on openmoko freerunner
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