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To: gentoo-genkernel@g.o
From: Sebastian Pipping <sping@g.o>
Subject: Re: keymap addition
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2012 03:58:19 +0200
Hello Richard,

On 04/08/2012 04:18 PM, Richard Farina wrote:
> The pentoo founder is from Switzerland so we added the keymap for his
> keyboard to genkernel.  I figure if I'm going to unfork it would be
> polite to include this in my submissions.

makes sense.

> Please note, the attached file
> needs to be dropped in defaults/keymaps.tar.gz, and it seems that it
> also must be copied to  Seems odd, but everything else appears
> to be that way as well so.... submitted for approval.
> diff -Naur '--exclude=.svn' '--exclude=.git'
> genkernel-3.4.18/defaults/initrd.scripts
> pentoo/genkernel/trunk/defaults/initrd.scripts
> --- genkernel-3.4.18/defaults/initrd.scripts    2012-03-24
> 23:23:39.476742487 -0400
> +++ pentoo/genkernel/trunk/defaults/initrd.scripts      2012-02-03
> 00:03:57.395026177 -0500
> @@ -581,6 +779,7 @@
>                         40|uk) keymap=uk ;;
>                         41|us) keymap=us ;;
>                         42|wangbe) keymap=wangbe ;;
> +                       43|ch*) keymap=ch\(fr\) ;;
>                 esac
>         fi
>         if [ -e /lib/keymaps/${keymap}.map ]

That tarball-in-git-thing bugged my so I resolved that issue in the
process.  It turned out the turkish keymap contained C code rather than
a keymap.  Yes, really.

I have stored that keymap of yours as "" rather than "ch(fr).map"
since that avoids braces and seems to be what others are calling it [1][2].

Please review branch "keymaps" so it can be merged into master:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/keymaps




Re: keymap addition
-- Richard Farina
keymap addition
-- Richard Farina
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