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From: "pliss@..." <pl001y@...>
Subject: Problems running "genkernel all"
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 11:10:44 +0200 (CEST)

I am going through the procedure of installin Gentoo
Linux on my hppa box, which is a 785/B2000 Visualize

I have gone through the instructions in order and am
now trying to run "genkernel all" since I haven't got
enough experience to decide about the options in
manual kernel configuration. Anyway, when I issue the
command "genkernel all" I get an error message
complaining about that a .config file is either not
specified or not found. It is obvious that I am
supposed to supply a .config file to genkernel. The
question is how I do that and/or what step in the
process I have omitted. Reviewing the guidelines I
have gone through doesn't tell me what step I missed.

BTW I am using a Universal CD to install from.

What I have done (referring to Gentoo handbook):
4. Preparing the disks (>16MB boot, 1500MB ext3 for
/var, 500MB for swap and remaining up to 9100MB ext3
as a fourth partition).
5. Installing the installation files
6. Installing the Gentoo Base system

The steps "Code Listing 7: Verifying system profile",
"Code Listing 8: Finding out if an additional profile
exists" and "Code Listing 9: Switching to a 2.4
profile" make me a bit unsuer, but my intention is to
stay with 2.6 which seems to be the default and

I have also run "emerge genkernel" without complaints
from the system.

Can anybody put me on track again? I would appreciate
it alot.

Best regards and thanks in advance
Per Liss
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Re: Problems running "genkernel all"
-- Guy Martin
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