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To: gentoo-installer@g.o
From: "Andrew Nishihira" <andrewmorio@...>
Subject: Re: Major GLI Redesign!
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 19:51:55 -0700
Than-you very much for the up-to-date progress. Congratulations for all the hard work done up to now.I look forwards your release. Anything good to make Gentoo installation easier for more people.<br><br>
<div><span class="gmail_quote">On 10/17/06, <b class="gmail_sendername">Preston Cody</b> &lt;<a href="mailto:codeman@g.o">codeman@g.o</a>&gt; wrote:</span>
<blockquote class="gmail_quote" style="PADDING-LEFT: 1ex; MARGIN: 0px 0px 0px 0.8ex; BORDER-LEFT: #ccc 1px solid">Greetings and salutations,<br>In GLI's 2.5 years or so of existence, we have achieved almost all of<br>the goals of the project.&nbsp;&nbsp;The first main goal of GLI was to make a
<br>fully automated installation program that would work off of profiles,<br>be non-interactive, and architecture-generic.&nbsp;&nbsp;The other main goal was<br>to make an installer that could be used by end users for their<br>desktops without having to know XML and with pretty, easy-to-use
<br>frontends that would help boost the reputation of Gentoo as not just a<br>super-l33t distro.<br><br>We have struggled and faught hard to achieve both goals at the same<br>time, but alas they are simply too different to be able to handle both
<br>and do a *good job* at both.<br>The main problem, as was to be expected, is partitioning.&nbsp;&nbsp;Andrew<br>Gaffney has spent ages working on trying to support every insaine and<br>idiotic combination of partitions that users try to create, but there
<br>are millions of combinations and the simple truth is we can't do it<br>right for everyone, and we're tired of the endless stream of people<br>complaining why their drive with 6 primaries isn't being supported.<br>Also, with the current partitioning, it is extremely hard to support
<br>raid or lvm or other architectures in general for that matter.<br><br>After seeing the simplicity and ease of Quickstart, the solution<br>became clear: admit failure and split/branch GLI.&nbsp;&nbsp;So here's the plan:<br><br>Quickstart will become the primary method for automated installations.
<br>It is designed to be able to be netbooted and will be the installer<br>integrated into Scire.&nbsp;&nbsp;It may also be added to the minimal livecd at<br>some point (why not, right?).&nbsp;&nbsp;Quickstart works with blank drives<br>only, and is not too user-friendly.&nbsp;&nbsp;Currently no frontend or
<br>configurator exists though I have plans for a web-based one that will<br>plug in to Scire nicely.<br><br>GLI will be refactored to become slightly more interactive.&nbsp;&nbsp;There<br>will probably be about four main steps/stopping points/actions that
<br>will occur.<br>1. Setup networking, logfiles, chroot_dir and such.. i.e. all the<br>client_configuration stuff.&nbsp;&nbsp;This already is done interactively from<br>the two main frontends.&nbsp;&nbsp;We can thus chuck the entire client_profile
<br>(yea!!!!)<br>2. Drop to cfdisk or diskdruid to let the user do partitioning and<br>probably filesystem formatting too.&nbsp;&nbsp;This lets the user deal with<br>partitioning themselves and thus we don't get the blame when they
<br>screw it up! :)<br>3. Define mountpoints.. these will replace the partition layout in the<br>install profile.&nbsp;&nbsp;Then we fetch/install the stage tarball and/or<br>portage.&nbsp;&nbsp;We will still keep the dynamic stage3 (as well as making
<br>command-line tools for its use), because the installer-livecd isn't<br>changing.&nbsp;&nbsp;Having this step separate lets us choose profiles and<br>gather updated info about things like USE flags.<br>4. Everything else.&nbsp;&nbsp;There really isn't much benefit to separate out
<br>the rest of the steps.&nbsp;&nbsp;We'll let people drop to a shell to make their<br>own kernel config, but I don't see much beyond that and I still like<br>the ability to configure at once and then let it go for a while.<br><br>
These changes will drastically simplify the partitioning code and make<br>GLI much easier to port to other architectures.<br><br>The plan is to release a version of GLI like it is now with bugfixes<br>only for 2007.0 and target the new GLI (god forbid, should we call it
<br>GLI 2.0?&nbsp;&nbsp;&lt;cringe&gt;) for 2007.1.&nbsp;&nbsp;If enough progress has been made, we<br>can try to put an experimental copy on the livecd and hide it (doesn't<br>make much sence to have an entirely different /experimental livecd
<br>just for that).&nbsp;&nbsp;The new GLI will be written first and foremost with<br>gli-dialog as the frontend.&nbsp;&nbsp;The GTK frontend is quite bloated and a<br>pain to change and maintain, so it may disappear entirely and that is<br>
ok by the installer devs.<br><br>That's about it, if you have any questions/comments, feel free to post<br>them.&nbsp;&nbsp;This list has like no traffic so it could use some discussion<br>every once and awhile.<br>Have a pleasant day,
<br><br>-Codeman<br>-Installer Project Co-Lead.<br>--<br><a href="mailto:gentoo-installer@g.o">gentoo-installer@g.o</a> mailing list<br><br></blockquote></div><br><br clear="all"><br>-- <br>Andrew<br>
Major GLI Redesign!
-- Preston Cody
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