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To: gentoo-java@g.o, gentoo-soc@g.o
From: Kasun Gajasinghe <kasunbg@...>
Subject: Gentoo Maven Integration - Weekly Report #3
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 07:31:36 +0530
The goal of this project is to be easily able to write ebuilds for<br>
upstream projects that use Apache <span class="il">Maven</span> as the build system. The <span class="il">Maven</span><br>
<span class="il">integration</span> allows to natively use Apache <span class="il">Maven</span> in Java packages in<br>
the main tree. The current system work around the support for <span class="il">Maven</span><br>
projects by transforming them to Ant. It generates build.xml via “mvn<br>
ant:ant” command and sanitizes that. This conversion too has some<br>
problems and needs to fixed. With this project, developers gains the<br>
ability to use native <span class="il">Maven</span> support for writing ebuilds and will get<br>
full support for using <span class="il">maven</span>-to-ant feature.<br>
<br>Progress:<br><br>Bumped/fixed/added following ebuilds:<br><br>plexus-interactivity-api<br>plexus-velocity 1.1.8<br>plexus-io 1.0.1<br>plexus-archiver 1.2
            <br>fixed wagon-ftp, plexus-utils<br>maven-model to 2.2.1
            <br>stable plexus-container-default-1.0_alpha9-stable ebuild<br>plexus-container-default to 1.5.5 <br><br>plexus-component-api is now merged to plexus-container-default. So, there is no need to DEPEND on plexus-component-api anymore if you are using plexus-container-default-1.5.5 ebuild.<br>

<br>Got the maven adding generated-sources via modello working. maven-model is one example that is based on gen-src.<br><br>Started writing documentation at wiki [1]<br><br>Next:<br>* Package maven-plugins and all it&#39;s 20+ projects together. Currently, there&#39;s no package structure for maven-plugins. So, have to make the project structure by adding modules under artifact maven-plugins-aggregator.<br>

trunk/ contains the needed project structure but adding SNAPSHOTS is not really a good idea.<br>* Get the core maven components working. In other words get all the projects listed at [3] working. There&#39;s two phases: packaging the tarball. writing/bumping corresponding ebuilds.<br>

* fix SRC_URIs of excalibur-* ebuilds. These are archived now, so the current SRC_URI doesn&#39;t work anymore.<br><br>These tasks may probably take more than a week!<br><br>Any suggestions are welcome!<br><br>Thanks,<br>

--Kasun<br><br>[1] <a href=""></a><br>[2] <a href=""></a><br>

[3] <a href=""></a><br clear="all"><br>-- <br>~~~*******&#39;&#39;&#39;&#39;&#39;&#39;&#39;&#39;&#39;&#39;&#39;&#39;&#39;*******~~~<br>

Kasun Gajasinghe,<br>University of Moratuwa,<br>Sri Lanka.<br>Blog: <a href=""></a><br>Twitter: <a href=""></a><br>

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