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From: Beso <givemesugarr@...>
Subject: Re: Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 19:08:19 +0200
i think that you&#39;ll have to wait a little more and always stay aware when using the pc till acpi supports it.<br>i&#39;d recommend to stay on powersave when using the processor extensively so that you&#39;d not incur in hardware errors and failures. and it the fan is not starting try to modify it by command prompt via echo &quot;on&quot; &gt; /proc/acpi/fan/.. 
<br>this will work at least the thermal doesn&#39;t reach the state when it would stop the fan, but since you don&#39;t have that point and that you cannot read temperature starting it via echo &quot;on&quot; should always stay on. you&#39;d have some noise maybe, but you&#39;d be sure that the processor would not run overheat. 
<br>and hope that the acpi people would fix that in the near future.<br>i&#39;m sorry for not being able to help you more. <br>and as an advice for the future: before getting a notebook in the future have some surf on the web to see if it&#39;s fully supported by linux (acer sells linux only notebooks actually but only from taiwan). i had my linux notebook not working with linux for 5-6 months and yet i had to change the wireless since it wasn&#39;t supported after almost 2 years. for what i know dell, hp and compaq are quite well supported.
<br><br><div><span class="gmail_quote">2007/10/13, Marco Calviani &lt;<a href="mailto:marco.calviani@...">marco.calviani@...</a>&gt;:</span><blockquote class="gmail_quote" style="border-left: 1px solid rgb(204, 204, 204); margin: 0pt 0pt 0pt 0.8ex; padding-left: 1ex;">
Just to give a short update:<br>1) no luck with the acer_acpi module: it does not load in the system,<br>as the developer is having a look at it. However he told me that the<br>module can do practically nothing on the thermal zone since this last
<br>point is controlled fully by ACPI<br>2) i&#39;ve tried to modify the DSDT table: it had errors, but also after<br>correction the system behave in practically the same way. I&#39;ve mailed<br>to the acpi-linux mailing list, hoping that the acpi gurus can try to
<br>solve the issue.<br>As far as i understand now it is just a matter of ACPI implementation.<br><br>Regards,<br>m<br><br>On 10/11/07, Beso &lt;<a href="mailto:givemesugarr@...">givemesugarr@...</a>&gt; wrote:
<br>&gt; normally all acer have dsdt problems and don&#39;t work unless you load<br>&gt; acer_acpi.<br>&gt; now, in the portage tree there&#39;s only the 0.8.2 version, so you have to go<br>&gt; here:<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=""></a><br>&gt;<br>&gt; download the latest version and install it. there&#39;s a 5720 product listed<br>&gt; (under travelmate and not aspire, but it may have been an error). simply<br>&gt; search for acer_acpi in the /lib/modules/2.6.22-gentoo-r8 and delete it then
<br>&gt; do a depmod -a and update the modules installed and retry loading the newly<br>&gt; compiled driver. if you manage to get it working in this way ok, if not try<br>&gt; contacting the guy maintaing the aceracpi module and tell him about you
<br>&gt; problems. he may be of help.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt; 2007/10/11, Marco Calviani &lt;<a href="mailto:marco.calviani@...">marco.calviani@...</a>&gt;:<br>&gt; &gt; Hi Beso,<br>&gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;i have an Acer Aspire 5720. I&#39;ve tried with the acer_acpi, it
<br>&gt; &gt; compiles well but when it comes to loading it fails, saying<br>&gt; &gt; &quot;No or unsupported WMI interface, unable to load&quot;.<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; However as far as i can understood, this module deals with issues of
<br>&gt; &gt; buttons and hotkey not with ACPI issues.<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; Yes, my DSDT failed during recompiling, but i have managed to solve<br>&gt; &gt; the issues, and now it compiled well (with warning but i&#39;m not
<br>&gt; &gt; caring). I&#39;ll try to recompile the new DSDT in the kernel, maybe it<br>&gt; &gt; could help (but i&#39;m not sure).<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; Regards,<br>&gt; &gt; m<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; On 10/11/07, Beso &lt;
<a href="mailto:givemesugarr@...">givemesugarr@...</a>&gt; wrote:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; yep you&#39;re right.... i cannot modify my trippoints so this file cannot<br>&gt; be<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; modified....<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; i don&#39;t think that it&#39;s random, since it is 40 c.... try doing some
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; compiling or so and see if it goes up and then stop compiling and do<br>&gt; nothing<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; and see if it goes down.... this will tell you if thermal is working....<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; for dsdt problem you have follow this guide:
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; <a href=""></a><br>&gt; &gt; &gt; if it gives you errors when recompiling dsdt then it may be a dsdt
<br>&gt; problem,<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; but if it gives you no problem recompiling it then it may be that you<br>&gt; need<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; some additional modules like asus_acpi or ibm or toshiba ones based on<br>&gt; your<br>
&gt; &gt; &gt; pc model. i don&#39;t know what you&#39;re using (i&#39;ve managed to see some<br>&gt; lenovo,<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; asus toshiba and acer models around and for what i know every one of<br>&gt; then<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; needs an additional acpi module to have it work correctly). that was why
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; i&#39;ve asked you for your brand and model name.<br>&gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; 2007/10/11, Marco Calviani &lt;<a href="mailto:marco.calviani@...">marco.calviani@...</a>&gt;:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Hi Beso,
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;i&#39;ve tried with your trip_points modification but it gives this<br>&gt; error:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; bash: echo: write error: Invalid argument<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>
&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; like i&#39;m not able to write on that file.<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; And of course acpitool gives me a random ACPI temperature:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp; Battery #1&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; : charged
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp; AC adapter&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; : on-line<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp; Thermal zone 1 : ok, 40 C<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; PS: i followed all your suggestions concerning the microcode and fan<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; option in the kernel.
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Could this be a problem of DSDT?<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; regards,<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; m<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; On 10/10/07, Beso &lt;<a href="mailto:givemesugarr@...">
givemesugarr@...</a> &gt; wrote:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; 2007/10/10, Marco Calviani &lt; <a href="mailto:marco.calviani@...">marco.calviani@...
</a>&gt;:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Hi Beso,<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp; sorry i misunderstood your suggestion. I did what you suggest<br>&gt; and<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; this is the result of the trip_points:
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; critical (S5):&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;100C<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; wow.... you don&#39;t have anything that says to the cpu to slow down<br>
&gt; when<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; it<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; reaches some point....<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; now, to add some other trip points you have to copy these in a<br>&gt; konsole<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; with<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; root priviledges:
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; echo &quot;passive:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 78 C: tc1=3 tc2=1 tsp=150<br>&gt; devices=CPU0 \<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; active[0]:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 68 C: devices= FN1 \<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; active[1]:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 58 C: devices= FN2&quot; &gt;&gt;
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TZ01/trip_points<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; then do a cat on the thermal_zone/TZ0/trip_points to see if you&#39;ve<br>&gt; added<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; the
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; lines for passive and active&nbsp;&nbsp;lines.<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; that means that when your thermal reaches 78 degrees it will slow<br>&gt; down<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; the<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; processor. from 58 to 68 it will turn on the fan but don&#39;t turn down
<br>&gt; the<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; speed of the processor, below 58 it will turn off the fan.<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; which i suppose is the reason why at that temperature the laptop
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; switch<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; off.<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; So, nothing except for the critical state. Should i have to add<br>&gt; there<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; something?<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; if the pc turns down then it can read from somewhere the actual<br>&gt; thermal<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; point. you try to see after actually setting the things i&#39;ve just<br>&gt; said,<br>
&gt; &gt; &gt; if<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; your pc is behaving as it should. remember to also turn on the<br>&gt; polling<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; frequency. without it it will not look for thermal changes. and<br>&gt; remember
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; to<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; actually compile the mce and speedstep features in the kernel and<br>&gt; not as<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; module and reboot and then set the things i&#39;ve mentioned. after that
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; type<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; acpitool (it should be installed by default with the acpi package)<br>&gt; and<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; see<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; what it says. it should give something like this:
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp; Battery #1&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; : charging, 46.00%, 01:17:04<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp; AC adapter&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; : on-line<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp; Thermal zone 1 : activ, 58 C
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; it indicates, as you can see not only the battery and ac status but<br>&gt; also<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; the<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; current processor mode (active) and the current thermal
<br>&gt; temperature....<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; if<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; you don&#39;t have acpitool try acpi -t (you&#39;ll surely have either one<br>&gt; or<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; the<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; other) and it should indicate the thermal state and temperature. if
<br>&gt; this<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; command don&#39;t give you these infos then you&#39;ll have to be very<br>&gt; careful<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; using<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; your pc since acpi probably don&#39;t support santarosa well. you should
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; then<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; unmask newer acpi in portage (adding acpi in /etc/package.keywords)<br>&gt; and<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; try<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; with the new acpi ( 1.0.6).<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; you may need some additional acpi modules, like ibm_acpi for
<br>&gt; example,<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; but<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; that depends on your&#39;s pc brand. i&#39;m looking around to see if there<br>&gt; were<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; someone that had problems with santarosa and linux acpi, but for the
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; moment<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; i couldn&#39;t find something useful. try what i&#39;ve said and see if the<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; things<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; work. if they work then append the tweak in some script that starts
<br>&gt; at<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; boot<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; like the top of xdm script and you&#39;ll have a functional system. let<br>&gt; me<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; know<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; if you were succesful on that.
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; An additional problem is this:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; doing a<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; $ cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TZ01/temperature
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; it gives only a:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; temperature:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 0C<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; My question is:<br>
&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; even if i change the polling frequency, how the fan can start if<br>&gt; the<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; temperature gives 0??<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Do you know if it&#39;s possible to link the fan start with the core
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; temperature instead of the ACPI thermal zone?<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; probably the fan don&#39;t start since&nbsp;&nbsp;you have it as a module. i&#39;ve<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; curently
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; had the same problem which solved by compiling it integrated in the<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; kernel.<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; the fan in your case should always be on, not always be off....<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Regards,<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; m<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; thats why i told you to do this commanda:
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; echo &quot;2 seconds&quot; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TZ01/polling:frequency<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;this enables the polling of your thermal every 2 seconds. this
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; should<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; be<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; enough.<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; do you have the other file that i mentioned:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TZ01/trip_points ?!
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; this sets the trip points for your processor. whitout it you<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; governor<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; cannot<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; understand what to do even if it polls right.
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; as for the kernel thigs, set these options:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; select processor type: intel core2 instead of normal x86<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; CONFIG_X86_SPEEDSTEP_CENTRINO=y instead of m
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; CONFIG_ACPI_FAN=y instead of m<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; CONFIG_MICROCODE=y instead of m (for what i know cpu micocode is<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; needed<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; on
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; intels)<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; CONFIG_K8_NUMA=n instead of y (this should be the amdk8 numa,<br>&gt; that<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; you<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; should not need. if it&#39;s not then let him be)
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; CONFIG_X86_MCE_AMD=n instead of y (you don&#39;t need amd mce<br>&gt; features<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; since<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; they are not included into intel cpus)<br>
&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; CONFIG_NR_CPUS=32 &lt;-- this leaves me a little dazzled: do you<br>&gt; really<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; have 32<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; cpus in your core?! for what i know this sets the real number of
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; cpus<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; inside<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; the kernel, but i might be wrong. so if this is really what i<br>&gt; think<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; it<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; is,
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; ie the real nr of cpus (not virtual ones) set this to 2 or 4<br>&gt; based<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; on<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; your<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; cpu cores.<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU=n instead of y (i don&#39;t really think that
<br>&gt; you&#39;ll<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; unplug<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; your cpu from your laptop when the laptop is still running<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; considering<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; that<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; you don&#39;t use multi cpus but a single multicore cpu. the same
<br>&gt; goes<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; for<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; memory hotplug: i don&#39;t think that your laptop supports it, so<br>&gt; just<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; disable<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; it.)
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; for what i have seen the acpi problems may be due to a failure<br>&gt; in<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; loading<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; the intel speedstep module. if you look into the modules loaded
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; (lsmod)<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; you<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; should not see it. so it&#39;s better to insert it directly in the<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; kernel,<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; since
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; it is one of the first modules called (if you use it as a module<br>&gt; you<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; should<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; be loading it with initramdisk before loading acpi to have a
<br>&gt; full<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; acpi<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; configuration).<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; try setting these options and recompile and install the new<br>&gt; kernel<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; and
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; modules and reboot (kexec is not working on my amd turion with<br>&gt; 64bit<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; enabled<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; and so may also be for your core2duo).
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;2007/10/10, Marco Calviani &lt; <a href="mailto:marco.calviani@...">marco.calviani@...</a>&gt;:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Sorry i missed the attachment.
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; regards,<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; m<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; --<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; dott. ing. beso<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; --
<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; <a href="mailto:gentoo-laptop@g.o">gentoo-laptop@g.o</a> mailing list<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;
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Re: Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
-- Marco Calviani
Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
-- Marco Calviani
Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
-- Marco Calviani
Re: Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
-- Beso
Re: Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
-- Marco Calviani
Re: Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
-- Beso
Re: Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
-- Marco Calviani
Re: Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
-- Beso
Re: Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
-- Marco Calviani
Re: Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
-- Beso
Re: Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)
-- Marco Calviani
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Re: Re: [gentoo-user] Problem with CPU temperature (Santa Rosa CPU)

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