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To: gentoo-laptop@g.o
From: Ovidiu Bivolaru <ovidiu@...>
Subject: Re: swsusp2 *hang* :(
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 14:26:31 +0300
I'm installing vanilla-sources- now. After emerging kernel
sources, go to and get
Unpack it somewhere i.e. /root/software-supend then go to
/usr/src/linux- and use: /root/software-suspend/apply.
 This will patch the kernel. Then "make menuconfig" and choose whatever
you need,  save and "make ; make modules_install".
 Copy the kernel and to /boot, edit grub.conf:
        kernel (hd0,X)/boot/vmlinuz- root=/dev/hdaX
psmouse.proto=imps resume2=swap:/dev/hdaX

 Also, I don't use kernel IBM ACPI option, but I did used: emerge
ibm-acpi  + radeontool  hibernate and laptop-mode-tools (take care with
HDD spindown options - I've disabled that features as they are dangerous ).
 I don't use genkernel or initrd usually, but now I have initrd for
 You might find useful this:
and a nice article here
 I hope it helps!


Cliff Rowley wrote:

>On 5/17/05, Ovidiu Bivolaru <ovidiu@...> wrote:
>>are you using ibm-acpi module ? It does generate an ACPI event for
>>dock/undock and you might have the wrong action for such event (if
>>ibm_acpi is loaded you have /proc/acpi/ibm/dock ).
>> I'm using vanilla-sources + swsup2 on T30 and I have no
>>problems with suspend to RAM and suspend to disk 2, but I'm not using
>>docking and I cannot say anything.  Btw, what's Dyntick  ?
>Dyntick is here: :)
>It appears that it might be dyntick causing the crashes after all! 
>I've recompiled without dyntick support, leaving swsusp2 support in
>and I don't crash when switching between AC and DC.  Next test .. I'll
>try dyntick on its own and see if I crash.  I guess it could be an
>incompatibility between them?
>You say you're using swsusp2 .. how do you build your kernel? 
>Genkernel?  Do you use an initrd?  I'm now trying to work out how to
>get my system to resume after hibernate .. grr.

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Re: swsusp2 *hang* :(
-- Cliff Rowley
swsusp2 *hang* :(
-- Cliff Rowley
Re: swsusp2 *hang* :(
-- Andrew Randles
Re: swsusp2 *hang* :(
-- Cliff Rowley
Re: swsusp2 *hang* :(
-- Ovidiu Bivolaru
Re: swsusp2 *hang* :(
-- Cliff Rowley
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