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To: gentoo-nfp@g.o
From: Grant Goodyear <g2boojum@g.o>
Subject: Re: Re: [gentoo-core] Upcoming elections
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 13:35:52 -0500
Stuart Herbert wrote: [Mon Apr 11 2005, 01:01:45PM CDT]
> Have you thought about splitting the membership into voting and
> non-voting groups?  You could have the voting membership as devs et al
> who have applied for voting rights (to address the quorum concern), but
> also sell non-dev (and therefore non-voting) membership to users &
> companies?  It's easier to get companies to give you money in return for
> something they can advertise (hey, look, we're a Gentoo Foundation
> Member!) than to simply get out the begging bowl.

The original version of the bylaws did allow for purchased memberships,
and every comment I received about them were negative, so I removed that
part of the bylaws.  (The bylaws are considerably copied, with
permission, from the Python Software Foundation bylaws.)  Please note
that these bylaws are still very much _proposed_ bylaws.

I would accept the notion that members have to request voting rights,
but I don't understand why one would want to be a member without voting
rights.  It's not as though being a member of the Foundation gets you a
T-shirt or anything, so what's the point?  I wouldn't think there'd be
much in the way of bragging rights either, since "I'm a Gentoo dev"
seems like it would be just as impressive (if not more so) as "I'm a
member of the Gentoo Foundation".  

I get the feeling that I must be missing an obvious point, but I don't
know what it is.

> (Btw, where and how do I sign up for membership?)

Well, that's a bit of a moot point until the requirements for membership
are solidified.  If we go with your suggestion, then you won't sign up,
you'll simply be added to the rolls.

Grant Goodyear	
Gentoo Developer
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Upcoming elections
-- Grant Goodyear
Re: [gentoo-core] Upcoming elections
-- Stuart Herbert
Re: [gentoo-core] Upcoming elections
-- Stuart Herbert
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Upcoming elections
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Re: [gentoo-core] Upcoming elections

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