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To: gentoo-nfp@g.o
From: Corey Shields <cshields@...>
Subject: Re: Board of trustees
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 13:39:42 -0500
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Glad to see this coming to pass.  Can you ellaborate on the organization 
structure of Gentoo once the NFP is created, and what the roles of the board 
will be versus the roles of other parts of the distribution?  I don't want to 
see us walk into this NFP upgrading every manager to a board member and then 
nothing changes with the NFP other than the name.

When the NFP corporation is established, who is going to handle the press 
release of such event?  I think that is a -pr thing, but I haven't seen 
anything out of the other members of that group for a while now, so this may 
fall under a member of the new board.  The press release should be aimed at 
describing some of the organizational changes (read above) and how they will 
help to make Gentoo a better distribution and how the NFP will maintain the 
community aspect of Gentoo.  I imagine we may pick up a few users here and 
there who have been shy towards Gentoo because it had a corporate front.  
Poor excuse for keeping a closed mind, I know, but they are out there.

Anyway, main point is in the first paragraph.  RFC..  thanks!


- -Corey

On Saturday 24 April 2004 12:03 pm, Daniel Robbins wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Here is the semi-official (and assuming I correctly listed everyone who
> sent me an email, the official) list of the board of trustees for the NFP:
> drobbins
> klieber
> carpaski
> pfeifer
> g2boojum
> seemant
> avenj
> agriffis
> swift
> pauldv
> method
> azarah
> This puts the size of the board at twelve, which seems to be a reasonable
> size. There were others (non-managers or previously selected devs) who
> expressed interest in serving on the board, and whom I would have liked to
> add, but I think it would have made the board too big. If you were one of
> those people, I encourage you to run for an elected trustee position in the
> future.
> My lawyer has completed the paperwork for the establishment of the NFP, so
> this is ready to go and will get filed with Santa Fe next week.
> Establishment of the NFP corporation itself typically only takes a day. I
> will let everyone know when this gets done. I would expect this to happen
> on Wednesday or Thursday.
> The federal 501(c)(6) application process takes a minimum of 6 months
> (typically 6 months to a year) from the time the NFP corporation is
> established. I'll try to get our lawyer started on the paperwork for this
> as soon as possible.
> Regards,
> Daniel
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