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To: gentoo-nfp@g.o
From: Corey Shields <cshields@g.o>
Subject: Re: Grants and funding
Date: Sun, 08 May 2005 20:52:37 -0700
Corey Shields wrote:

> To be honest, the current Board is quite new to having money, as we've 
> only had funds on hand in the past couple of months[2] and we've been 
> around for almost a year.  Nobody is jumping at the bit to spend it 
> all, but on the other hand I've heard comments that people give the 
> money with the intention for it to be spent and help Gentoo.  It'll be 
> a fine balance between money that should be saved for possible legal 
> expenses and other suprises like hardware failures, and money that 
> should go out (and how much goes to whom).  We have had only one 
> request for funding come in (for a hardware upgrade), and the need is 
> going to be fulfilled by hardware already within Gentoo's reach.  I 
> know that money will be requested around the time of LWE as well to 
> help with PR type stuff.

I should clarify, there have been other bills (legal stuff), so the 
statement of "only one request for funding" was from outside of the 

For an example of what I mean by "legal stuff", we recently approved 
$100 to be spent on the Gentoo trademark renewal (which would also put 
the trademark under the Foundation's name rather than Gentoo 
Technologies).  The Legal counsel we have is pro bono, however, we have 
to pay any application fees once something leaves their hands.


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