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From: m h <sesquile@...>
Subject: porting maxos port to posix (ala openpkg)
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 11:23:06 -0700
I posted in the gentoo-dev mailing list yesterday, but figured I'd post
here since it is somewhat closer related.&nbsp; I'm investigating the
differences between portage and openpkg.&nbsp; For those who don't know
about openpkg, openpkg allows one to install rpms in a sandboxed
environment accross multiple unix platforms (bsd, redhat, debian,
gentoo,...).&nbsp; It consists of a way to bootstrap an environment and
a bunch of spec files used to create rpms specifically tailored for
that platform.&nbsp; The idea being you could run the &quot;same&quot; components
across different platforms in your environment.<br>
It seems that Fink and Portage for OSX are providing similar
functionality on top of OSX.&nbsp; My question is what would be
involved in generalizing the Portage OSX port to unix platforms similar
to what openpkg is doing.&nbsp; An example might be that while I need
to run Suse at work, I could install portage into a sandboxed location
and enter that environment.&nbsp; This would allow me to run newer
components, better integrated, security patched, etc, while still
having the corporate environment if I needed it.<br>
Ideally the benefits for doing this would be to allow many platforms to
take advantage of portage, use the large ebuild tree (openpkg has ~400
components), as well as use ebuilds that are tested probably a little
bit more than openpkg (I believe the gentoo install base is a least one
or two orders of magnitude larger than openpkg).<br>
Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions are appreciated.<br>
Re: porting maxos port to posix (ala openpkg)
-- Nick Dimiduk
Re: porting maxos port to posix (ala openpkg)
-- Grobian
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Re: porting maxos port to posix (ala openpkg)

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