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From: Nimish Pachapurkar <npac@...>
Subject: Re: PREFIX on Cygwin
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 11:47:35 -0700
Thanks for offering help. Here are some of my problems:

1. First of all under cygwin, any path that has two slashes at the 
beginning is treated as a network path. So the seemingly harmless "root 
+ portage_consts.EPREFIX" thingy fails with error message "No such 
hostname or network path: //opt/cyg-prefix". I worked around that by 
changing root from "/" to "/cygdrive/c/cygwin_root".

2. Secondly, emerge is not able to generate dependency cache for the 
system. I have two overlays in my tree and all I can see under 
var/cache/edb is those two empty directories (plus the normal base 
portage one). When I run emerge with --debug and --regen options, I get 
this error for each ebuild file in the tree:
aug_get(): (0) Error in sys-devel/gcc-config-1.3.12-r4.ebuild (1)
                Check for syntax error or corruption in the ebuild

3. Same error is raised when I try to run "ebuild" command on any of the 
ebuilds with any option. At present, I am trying to trace through the 
ebuild/emerge code to see what is going wrong. I have a feeling that 
somewhere the root is getting set back to "/" or something like that.

If any of these error messages mean anything to you, please throw some 

- Nimish

Grobian wrote:
> Hi!
> Interesting to see some works along the windows way.  We never tried
> anything alike, but of course we would be very happy if it would work
> somehow in the end.
> Could you give any error messages you get?  Maybe they look familiar or
> does somebody here know what they mean exactly.
> Regards
> On 13-06-2006 11:08:56 -0700, Nimish Pachapurkar wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I was trying to get PREFIX portage to work on Cygwin on Windows (XP). I am 
>> facing some issues in the process. Has anyone tried this before with Prefix 
>> Portage? I found that there is a project specifically for this purpose at 
>> but that does not seem to support Prefix 
>> version of portage.
>> Any pointers in this regard would be appreciated.
>> Specifically today, I am facing a problem while emerging anything. I get an 
>> error saying that I am trying to emerge a package with a syntax error or 
>> corrupt ebuild file (which is definitely not the case). Also, emerge refuses to 
>> proceed with any dependency analysis whatsoever.
>> Thanks,
>> Nimish
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Re: PREFIX on Cygwin
-- Grobian
PREFIX on Cygwin
-- Nimish Pachapurkar
Re: PREFIX on Cygwin
-- Grobian
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