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To: gentoo-osx@g.o
From: Hasan Khalil <gongloo@g.o>
Subject: Re: Java virtuals, etc
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 10:54:24 -0500
On Aug 7, 2005, at 07:41, Grobian wrote:

> Folks,
> I got repoman telling me I didn't have any Java installed on my OSX  
> system.  I took a look into the macos/virtuals file and macos/10.4/ 
> package.provided file and figured there seems to be an inconsistency.
> package provided says:
> dev-java/sun-jdk-
> while virtuals says:
> virtual/jdk            dev-java/sun-j2sdk
> To 'fix' this issue, I altered virtuals like this:
> --- default-darwin/macos/virtuals       6 Aug 2005 22:43:40  
> -0000       1.7
> +++ default-darwin/macos/virtuals       7 Aug 2005 12:35:48 -0000
> @@ -12,5 +12,6 @@
>  virtual/xft            x11-base/apple-xfree
>  virtual/opengl         x11-base/apple-xfree
>  virtual/blackbox       x11-wm/fluxbox
> -virtual/jdk            dev-java/sun-j2sdk
> +virtual/jdk            dev-java/sun-jdk
>  virtual/jre            dev-java/sun-jre-bin
> note that the virual/jre seems to be fine and in line with  
> package.provided.
> are there any objections to this change?  should it be the other  
> way around (the edit in package.provided)?  ... or can I just check  
> it in?

Kito and I discussed this yesterday, and he committed the fix about  
15 hours ago, or somewhere thereabouts. From what I can see in CVS,  
the problem is fixed. He essentially did what you did, but in an  
effect of what he felt is more correct. Since I'm no expert on how  
the java herd divides up the packages, I left him to do his thing. To  
save you the trouble, here's the important stuff:

> macos $ grep -R java .
> ./10.3/package.provided:dev-java/javascriptcore-96
> ./10.3/package.provided:dev-java/sun-jdk-
> ./10.3/package.provided:dev-java/sun-jre-bin-
> ./10.4/package.provided:dev-java/javascriptcore-96
> ./10.4/package.provided:dev-java/sun-jdk-
> ./10.4/package.provided:dev-java/sun-jre-bin-
> ./virtuals:virtual/jdk          dev-java/sun-j2sdk
> ./virtuals:virtual/jre          dev-java/sun-jre-bin
> ./progressive/package.provided:dev-java/javascriptcore-96
> ./progressive/package.provided:dev-java/sun-jdk-1.5
> ./progressive/package.provided:dev-java/sun-jre-bin-
> ./progressive/virtuals:virtual/jdk      dev-java/sun-jdk

It's a good thing that you posted this, though. It provides a good  
follow-up, and opens the floor for discussion on said changes. So,  
people -- discuss, if you so desire! As always, we, the Gentoo for  
Mac OS X team, are open to comments, suggestions, free food, and  


Hasan Khalil
eBuild and Porting Co-Lead
Gentoo for Mac OS X

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Re: Java virtuals, etc
-- Grobian
Java virtuals, etc
-- Grobian
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