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To: gentoo-osx@g.o
From: exg@g.o
Subject: Re: some portage-prefix patches
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 15:06:59 +0200
> [01-defaultpath.patch] (minor)
> Also add "${prefix}/lib/portage/bin" to DEFAULT_PATH, to simplify the
> bootstrap process.

I do not see how it can aid bootstrap.

> [02-ebuildenv-ROOT.patch] (minor)
> Moved trailing 'os.sep' from EDEST to ROOT.

What is it needed for?

> [03-eprefix-function.patch] (normal)
> Well, eprefix() was not yet present in 2.1.14, but may be already
> somewhere in svn (if it exists somewhere).
> To get this yet trivial implementation work, [10-portageq-root.patch] is
> required.

What is a constant function that always returns the value of EPREFIX if
the input pkg is in the vdb useful for?

> [04-interactive-ebuild.patch] (enhancement)
> The most interesting one: Add interactive-feature to portage, usage:
> FEATURES=interactive emerge package
> FEATURES=interactive ebuild package.ebuild [unpack|compile|install|...]

This is not prefix specific; you should send it to the
gentoo-portage-dev mailing list.

> [11-rpath-autofix.patch] (normal)
> Do the "Auto fixing rpath" thing for to-be-merged files, not for already
> merged ones.


> [12-readonly-tree.patch] (normal)
> Fix situations where the ebuild cannot be copied twice if tree is
> readonly. Maybe the second ebuild-cp could be removed.


> [05-checked-binaries.patch] (normal)
> Use the binaries figured out by configure for sandbox/bash/mv/prelink.

No, we want a path lookup for those to have some flexibility, especially
for bash.

> [08-cnf-typo.patch] (minor)
> Just a typo in cnf/, which prevents installation of
> PREFIX/etc/make.conf.example


> [09-wget-bootstrap.patch] (minor)
> Use the wget found by configure, not PREFIX/usr/bin/wget per default in
> make.globals. This makes bootstrap easier.

I do not see how, given that we bootstrap wget too.

> [10-portageq-root.patch] (normal)
> Do not pass ROOT to 'portageq', or portageq will try to create
> ${ROOT}${EPREFIX}/var/tmp, which incorrectly results to
> ${EDEST}/${EPREFIX}${EPREFIX}/var/tmp
> Figured out this with an improved sandbox.

I don't think it's the right place to fix it, I'll look into the
problem. How have you figured it out exactly?

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Re: some portage-prefix patches
-- Michael Haubenwallner
Re: some portage-prefix patches
-- Grobian
some portage-prefix patches
-- Michael Haubenwallner
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