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To: gentoo-osx@g.o
From: Nick Dimiduk <ndimiduk@g.o>
Subject: Re: xorg-x11
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 01:26:42 -0400
Mike wrote:
> Hello list, I am a new developer for this project, transferring from 
> fink.


> First thing's first.  I am not sure what the goal of this project 
> is, which goes directly to the first package I want to make.  Is the 
> goal here like fink to bring OSS to Darwin/OSX?

That sounds like a good goal; I'll go with that! ;)

> I want to make xorg-x11 
> available for mac-os or macos (whichever the keyword is) and with gcc3.3 
> selected it compiles fine, into XDarwin, but this would overwrite 
> Apple's installed /usr/X11R6 and /etc/X11 for new entries.  I have not 
> run into any conflicting packages yet so I am not sure, but is there a 
> way that this is possible.

If you don't want portage to look out for conflicts, disable the feature 
in /etc/make.conf.

> I just know what I read and I read that if a package tries to overwrite 
> something Apple installed then it will fail.

This is true if collision-protect is enabled.

> BTW I am using 10.4.2 and 
> Xcode 2.1 with gcc4 selected, so I will also have to read more into 
> making ebuilds to know if you can use a gcc selector for 3.3 because the 
> last timne I compiled XDarwin with 4.0 (yesterday) it didn't produce the 
> , and startx didn't do anything.

I do not believe the gentoo gcc select is available on our platform yet. 
  This may be tricky.

> Now in closing let me say that I am excited about doing what I can for 
> this project, I love gentoo linux, so this was only the next logical 
> step for me.  Let me know how I can help

Glad to have you!  Just watch the lists, 
{gentoo-osx,gentoo-alt} and file bugs when things work (or 
don't) so that we know about them.  And food.  I'm fairly sure we all 
can use food whenever it's available. :D

-Nick Dimiduk
gentoo-osx@g.o mailing list

-- Mike
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Re: xorg-x11
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