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To: gentoo-osx@g.o
From: Mike S <michael_six@...>
Subject: Re: xorg-x11
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 00:09:46 -0700
Kito wrote:

> On Oct 12, 2005, at 12:34 AM, Grobian wrote:
>> Lina Pezzella wrote:
>>> On Oct 10, 2005, at 6:19 PM, Mike wrote:
>>>> I want to make xorg-x11 available for mac-os or macos (whichever the
>>> If you're happy to let portage overwrite Apple-provided files  
>>> (note: dependencies may cause more files to be overwritten than  you 
>>> anticipated) then you can do this by changing your profile to  the 
>>> "Progressive" profile. This is easily done by setting the  symlink 
>>> /etc/make.profile point to /usr/portage/profiles/default- 
>>> darwin/macos/progressive.
>> I think some people willl be interested in running Xorg instead of  
>> AppleX11.  Knowing how to compile it is nice for when we will be  
>> able to install everything without collising like fink does.
> Efforts might be best spent on the modular xorg ebuilds, as I'm sure  
> the gentoo xorg maintainers will want to ditch the monolithic ebuilds  
> at some point down the road...although there might be too much voodoo  
> in getting etc. installed properly for the gentoo xorg  
> maintainers to stomach, so perhaps xorg-darwin is a possibility...
>>> My current understanding is that the only active developer working  
>>> on the progressive profile is Kito. If you're interested in  testing 
>>> for
>> I'd say there is noone working on the progressive profile at the  
>> moment.  As far as I know, Kito doesn't have a progressive setup as  
>> well. Hopefully the progressive profile will be deprecated eventually.
> Not sure what gave you that idea...its the only profile for OS X I  
> find useful :p I know a few others are using it as well. Its  
> basically the proving ground for the portage base-system packages.  
> Its also whats used for Darwin development, as building Darwin system  
> packages requires a heavily modified OS X environment. I don't plan  
> on deprecating it at all, if you feel strongly otherwise, maybe you  
> should split the profiles up (again) and let the collision-protect  
> profiles that install packages to / (non-prefixed) live in profiles/ 
> default-macos and leave profiles/default-darwin for, well, darwin.
> --Kito
ok Kito, I know you, and for those whom I do not recognize, on the IRC 
channel I am lost626.  I know I have talked to a ReJ and an R2D2, and 
robinp, but I think I may be forgetting a couple.  I have tentatively 
recruited a friend of mine to help who is just waiting for prefix 
support in portage to use it.  He is the one (genious) who "broke me in" 
and "taught me the ropes" on the GNOME 2.10 fink port.  He also figured 
out how to hardcode some libraries in the pango package to get it to 
compile right.

As for XDarwin It is my X11 of choice on OS X.  As for getting it to 
compile, there is no configure phase that I know of, so Lina, I am 
confused there.  actually the only time I have built it in a package 
manager is yesterday on fink, where I just modified the package to make 
-j3 World.  otherwise I have done it myself with make World and sudo 
make install, so I don't know what the problem with it would be.

And I am thinking it may be a compiler error because I have found a few 
gcc4 patches for xorg, and I have also built the same version of xorg on 
jaguar with gcc3.3.  I tried compiling it myself without changing my gcc 
select to 3.3 and as I stated there was no startx actions when run, and 
no /Applications/ produced.  I double checked the fink 
package and even that has a gcc select 3 call in it, so that further 
reinforced my thinking of it being a problem with gcc4.  Though XDarwin 
will most likely be easy I would only like to do it if no one else can, 
or has a faster computer, since in OS X it takes me 7 hours or more to 
compile it.  I think I might be out of developing for OS X for a couple 
days as I am working on a few Linux From Scratch systems, just to get 
the real nitty gritty on a unix type platform.

I am also inclined to wait for the next release for prefix support which 
opens up a few new tricks that I am familiar with.  Also Tony asked me, 
and I would like to know if there is an experimental portage out there 
that has prefix support in it, that we could compile and play with, and 
if not when the next release is due.

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