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To: gentoo-performance@g.o
From: Alex Schuster <wonko@...>
Subject: Re: Horrible performance
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 15:44:25 +0200
Joost Roeleveld writes:

> On Thursday 26 August 2010 02:11:44 Alex Schuster wrote:
> > I think I just found the problem! I decided to give the open source
> > ATI drivers a try again, and replaced 'fglrx' by 'radeon' in my
> > xorg.conf. And all is fast now. Wow. I had already forgotten how
> > fast a desktop should be.
> > 
> > I'm not yet sure all is fine. On the first start, kwin crashed and
> > all windows were on the first desktop, this never happened before.
> > But it's working on the second login. I have no direct rendering,
> > Xorg.0.log shows (EE) RADEON(0): [dri] RADEONDRIGetVersion failed
> > (libdri too old). I had this before with xorg-server-1.7.7, now I'm
> > emerging 1.8.2. Stay tuned.
> > 
> > 	Wonko
> Ok, looks like your video-driver was using up too much resources.
> Either with all the desktop-effects or with something else.

I often had desktop effects turned off.

> I can't help further with ATI-issues as I don't use them myself.
> I do know that I need to change more then just the driver in my
> xorg.conf when using nvidie-drivers. Am wondering if your crashes
> occured because of a similar issue.
> Eg. the "dri" module is only for the ATI-driver and not for the
> open-source one?

I did not configure modules like dri in my xorg.conf, this seems tzo work 
automatically. With ati-drivers, I got errors in Xorg.0.log about dri and 
dri2 missing, apparently those come with the fglrx driver. With radeon, I 
get messages that dr and dri2 are loaded.
So I only had to replace 'fglrx' by 'radeon' inthe device section.
And to reboot. Or something. At least it did not work until I did that. I 
had loaded the drm kernel module by hand, so this was not the problem. 
Whatever, I'm glad the radeon driver is runnign fine now, for the first 
time after several tries.


Hello? Thump-thump?
-- Alex Schuster
Re: Horrible performance
-- Alex Schuster
Re: Horrible performance
-- Joost Roeleveld
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