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To: gentoo-performance@g.o
From: Alex Schuster <wonko@...>
Subject: Bad desktop performance, I think (was: Re: Hello? Thump-thump?)
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 12:07:45 +0100
Nicholas J. Michalek writes:

> Roll-call thread! I'm here!

Cool. Hi Nicholas! Hi Fritze!

> Indeed, this list has tended to have periods of dormancy... like me, we
> probably all forgot about it until this recent resurrection.

My post took awhile until it showed up, so had already filed a bug report 
about this list not really existing. Now I closed it :)

> Rather than let it die again, I say we throw out ideas for discussion.
> I think we should have regular posts commenting on performance
> improvements (or otherwise) of recent package updates, such as openrc
> or glibc, or anything anyone is interested in.

Sounds good. I'll start then with what I was about to post on gentoo-user, 
when I remembered that there should be this list.

Hi there!

I am a little disappointed by the performance of my system. mplayer 
sometimes stutters a little during the calculation phase of emerge -DpN 
@world, swfdec-player does so even more. Well, sometimes even without 
emerges, I guess this flash player is not coded so well.

My system is not the fastest, silence and low power consumption was more 
important for me. Still, it should be fast enough I think. I have an AMD 
Athlon(tm) Dual Core Processor 4850e CPU (using -march), 4GB of memory, an 
1.5 TB drive. The whole system is encrypted (aes-xts-plain) and LVMed. 
While the LVM overhead should be small, encryption of course creates some 
extra load. /var/tmp/portage is an unencrypted tmpfs volume though. kernel 
is 2.6.31-tuxonice. I'm running KDE4 with desktop effects enabled (running 
ati-drivers), X itself takes about 30-40% of CPU time according to top. 
mplayer itself needs less than 20%.

PORTAGE_NICENESS is 15, PORTAGE_IONICE_COMMAND uses ionice -c 3. I thought 
that with these settings emerges should not be noticeable. mplayer shows 
little stutters even with a niceness of 19. This looks wrong to me.

The kernel is configured as low-latency desktop. BTW, the kernel config is 
here, just in case someone wants to have a look:

So what I am asking is:
1) What might be wrong?
2) Tuning tricks. Tweaking the schedulers, different kernel sources. mm-
sources perhaps? But they look rather old. zen-sources? I might give them 
a try. But then, I like software suspend, and tuxonice is regarded to be 
better than the normal software suspend, and even with tuxonice I tend to 
have problems.

Any input is appreciated. It's not a big problem, though, I could live 
with that. But this is Gentoo, we like to tweak things, don't we? Let's 
get this list alive again.


Re: Bad desktop performance, I think (was: Re: Hello? Thump-thump?)
-- Mansour Moufid
Hello? Thump-thump?
-- Alex Schuster
Re: Hello? Thump-thump?
-- Nicholas J. Michalek
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