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From: Yuval Yaari <yyuval@...>
Subject: Re: Collision Protects
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 01:00:07 +0200
Michael Cummings wrote:

> OK, no secret that wheels have been turning on how to handle this. 
> Ultimately, the collision protect madness (if your not familiar with 
> it, check bug 71659 should whet your appetite) stems from man page 
> conflicts. I've gone through every package on my boxes, and the funny 
> thing is, the only thing (no matter what actually uses the perl-module 
> eclass) that installs anything in man3 are perl module pods being 
> converted. Any apps we have that happen to use the eclass also simply 
> don't generate man3 pages (or, if they do, it's in addition to any 
> inline pods, not in place of). Below patch is to disable the pod2man 
> generation and should have the quick, efficient effect of stopping 98% 
> of our collision protects in perl. Let me know if you have any 
> thoughts, probably will commit this tomorrow if I don't hear anything.
> ~mike

Isn't there a more elegant way than preventing pod being converted to 
man pages?
I personally don't `man` my modules, so I won't suffer from it, but 
maybe someone out there does? (otherwise, why is pod2man even being 

Just my $.02...

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Re: Collision Protects
-- Michael Cummings
Collision Protects
-- Michael Cummings
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