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To: gentoo-ppc-user@g.o
From: "Gerardo Lisboa" <gerardolisboa@...>
Subject: Re: Mac disk partitions
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 07:03:10 +0100

I've lost your first message so I don't know your specs but here is my
1) the bootstrap partition can be used by more than one distro, you
should place the various distro info in the yaboot.conf before running
ybin (it only has the binaries to make the booting process);
2) I have always used a /boot partition in PPC, either OldWorld and
NewWorld but formatted as ext2 as yaboot cannot read ext3 (at least on
the version I have);
3) The several kernels, initrd and for every distribution
should be in /boot so it is better if you make it larger than usual;
you choose the distro by specifying the root partition and other
options (as listed in your yaboot.conf); in that root you will
designate the various partitions (specific for each distro or shared
by the distros)
4) copy the yaboot.conf to /boot everytime you run ybin to help you
share the boot conf.

Hope it helps.

2007/6/6, A. Khattri <ajai@...>:
> On Mon, 30 Apr 2007, Michael Hanselmann wrote:
> > This is the 800k bootstrap partition, used by yaboot alone (at least
> > within Linux) and not to be formatted or mounted anywhere. On PowerPC
> > machines, you shouldn't create a /boot partition. Read the docs, please.
> I figured it out but you really should go back and re-read my post. I did
> not mention /boot anywhere and YES I DID read the docs so maybe you could
> be a little less insulting next time?
> From
> "Second, create an Apple_Bootstrap partition by using b. It will ask for
> what block you want to start. Enter the number of your first free
> partition, followed by a p. For instance this is 2p."
> I already had what looked like a boot partition but I was asking here to
> make sure I was doing the right thing by ignoring what the docs say in
> my particular situation (which, as I mentioned, was a machine which
> already had another distro on it).
> Sheesh.
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> A
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Mac disk partitions
-- A. Khattri
Re: Mac disk partitions
-- Michael Hanselmann
Re: Mac disk partitions
-- A. Khattri
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