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To: gentoo-ppc-user@g.o
From: Michelle Darcy <silverpower@...>
Subject: Re: ibook PCMCIA
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 21:30:57 -0400
Alden Huang wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was just curious if anyone had experience using their ibook (dual-usb 
> model) with a pcmcia wifi card that is not a lucent orinoco/airport. I 
> have a card which fits neatly (without having to do anything ridiculous 
> with a dremel =), but I just can't seem to get it to even detect.
> I really have no experience with anything PCMCIA on linux, and I cant 
> even get the computer to show that something is there and plugged 
> in....although I'm sure its a card supported; it's just a re-badged prism2.
> Although the LEDS on the card light up when I plug it in, cardctl 
> returns no socket() or something like that...nothing shows up under the 
> boot cd loading with the dopcmcia option either.
> Am I missing something just obvious and stupid? any help would be 
> appreciated.
> Best,
> alden

Airport (carried in the Pismo, iBook G3 and TiBook) is basically a 
cut-down PC Card slot. There's just enough logic to get Airport and 
similar PC Cards running. Prism2 isn't an Orinoco, so of course the 
system won't know what to do with it. Trying to use a PC Card in this 
slot might have worked on the Pismo or TiBook, but since the iBooks 
don't possess a full-fledged PC Card controller, you're completely screwed.

PowerPC Airport Extreme is a similar setup, only it's MiniPCI and uses 
Broadcom chipsets. In both cases, it's a cost reduction measure.

Sorry to disappoint you.

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Re: ibook PCMCIA
-- Alden Huang
ibook PCMCIA
-- Alden Huang
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